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Lore:Chronicles of the Five Companions 4

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Do I sound boastful and egotistical? Perhaps I am. But I shall put these words to paper so that you, the reader, might understand my views and my actions and their place in the long view of history.
For nearly thirty years I advised the savage men of the Reach, from {{Lore Link|Durcorach}} to {{Lore Link|Leovic}}, as their long, brutish dynasty ravaged the Empire. They lasted longer than many of the would-be conquerors that came before them, but their alien nature and low heritage made them unfit to stand in the presence of the true-blooded sons of {{Lore Link|Colovia}} or Nibenay. Their most grave insult came when Leovic, youngest of their line, sought the hand of my sixteenth daughter, {{Lore Link|Clivia Tharn|Clivia}}, in {{sic|marraige|marriage}}, that she might rule with him as Empress. Like his grandfather before him, who married {{Lore Link|Veraxia Tharn}}, Leovic hoped that our family's connections and pure Nibenese bloodline would somehow legitimize his claim to the {{Lore Link|Ruby Throne}}. It was an exercise in futility, and it exasperated me to no end.
So, when {{Lore Link|Varen Aquilarios}}, the son of a Colovian Duke and a powerful military leader in his own right, contacted me in secret and sought my assistance to depose those foul strangers from the north, I eagerly agreed. The war was long and bloody, but armed with my knowledge of the {{Lore Link|Imperial City}}, Varen eventually led his army of rebels to the palace gates. Varen drove his sword into Leovic's black-blooded heart and watched him die, choking on his own life blood, at the foot of the Ruby Throne, and immediately declared himself to be Emperor. For my loyalty and assistance, he agreed to take my daughter Clivia as his bride.
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