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The {{Lore Link|Bosmer}} of {{Lore Link|Valenwood}} are said to possess an intolerance for necromancy which "goes beyond all reason". Further, though they do not typically practice Arkay's rituals to protect the dead against necromancers, their practice of ritual cannibalism reduces the availability of corpses, making Valenwood a particularly difficult place for necromancers to operate.{{ref|name=CP}} Their animosity for necromancy may be exaggerated, as many individuals show little concern over the reanimation of the dead.{{ref|name=BOR|{{Cite book|Bone Orchard Research}}}}
Long ago, when many {{Lore Link|Ayleid}}s lived in Valenwood, they established the city of {{Lore Link|Hectahame}}, which was built on a site of immense power, the {{Lore Link|Heart of Valenwood}}. A necromancer whose name has been lost to history twisted the life-giving power of the Heart to raise a horde of undead so powerful that the city had to be sealed off in order to contain it.{{ref|name=HOV|{{Cite book|Heart of Valenwood}}}} In {{3E 249}} the Camoran Usurper was able to collect a great army of daedra and undead in Valenwood, and took over the province in just two years.{{ref|name=BHOTE|{{Cite book|Brief History of the Empire}}}}{{ref|name=TR|{{Cite book|The Refugees}}}}
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