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|appears=[[Oblivion:Heartlands|Oblivion]], ESO
The {{Lore Link|Heartlands}} is a lowland area in {{Lore Link|Cyrodiil}} consisting of the central areas of the province andat containedthe withinnorthern theend greaterof the {{Lore Link|NibenayRiver ValleyNiben}} region. The {{Lore Link|Red Ring Road}} forms the border on most sides, butbeyond itswhich easternthe borderregion stretchesmerges roughlyinto halfthe waygreater to{{Lore Link|Nibenay Basin}} towards {{Lore Link|Cheydinhal}} in the east, and itsthe southerngreater border{{Lore extendsLink|Nibenay downValley}} along the River Niben to {{Lore Link|Niben RiverBay}} toin the endsouth. ofOn its western and northern sides, the region is bordered by the {{Lore Link|NibenGreat BayForest}}.
The region is dominated by {{Lore Link|Lake Rumare}} and the {{Lore Link|City Isle}} on which stands the {{Lore Link|Imperial City}}.
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