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Skyrim talk:Sovngarde (quest)

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Stormcloak Soldier Follow Forever Bug: new section
Confirming that Tsun can be sneak/ranged without talking to him at all or even approaching him. I snuck to the top of the steps to get a clear view of him, then one-shot him with an Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow with 35 Frost Damage and 35 Shock Damage enchantments and Exploding Fire Bolts. Due to my maxed-out Archery skills & perks plus 10 Fortify Archery armor enchantments for +45% Bow Damage each (not sure if those stack additively to give +450% damage or not, but it doesn't really matter since I'm able to one-shot everything except some dragons), the base damage of my crossbow is shown as 914, plus 35 Frost and 35 Shock damage for a total of 984 damage, and the bolts are shown as 14 Bolt Damage plus 15 Fire Damage for a total of 29 total damage. I also have the Deadly Aim perk in the Sneak skill tree, which gives triple damage with bows while sneaking, and I was sneaking when I one-shot Tsun.
[[User:Vyxenne|Vyxenne]] ([[User talk:Vyxenne|talk]]) 01:42, 22 February 2014 (GMT)
== Stormcloak Soldier Follow Forever Bug ==
OK, so I clear the mist and speak to a Stormcloak soldier (RefID: 00090a48, BaseID: 00090c47). I tell him to follow me to Shor's Hall and he does. But he doesn't stop following. He follows me into the Hall and then he follows me back out to fight Alduin, although he doesn't lift a finger to help. Then once Alduin is dead he's still following me. Luckily when Tsun sent me back to the Throat of the World he didn't follow but funnily enough Gormlaith did because I hit her with EFF's Mind Control spell before I left. =) [[User:Tiger8u2|Tiger8u2]] ([[User talk:Tiger8u2|talk]]) 19:41, 20 December 2014 (GMT)

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