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* Use of the [[Dragonborn:Staff Enchanter|staff enchanter]]{{DB}} does not require the Enchanting skill, but still increases the skill when used.
* [[Skyrim:Frost Damage|Frost Damage]], [[Skyrim:Resist Frost|Resist Frost]], and [[Dragonborn:Chaos Damage|Chaos Damage]]{{DB}} enchantments placed on [[Dragonborn:Stalhrim|Stalhrim]]{{DB}} weapons or armor are 25% stronger than the same enchantments placed on weapons or armor constructed of other materials.
* A potionPotions that increasesFortify Destruction magicskills by a percent, such as those that [[Skyrim:Fortify Destruction|Fortify Destruction]] or [[Skyrim:Fortify Restoration|Fortify Restoration]], will increase the magnitude of Fire,enchantments Frost,in andthat Shockschool enchantmentsof magic by the same percent.
* An enchanted item's value is additive in the sense that it takes the base value of the item and simply adds the value of the enchantments to it. Since the value of powerful enchantments like Paralysis or [[Skyrim:Banish|Banish]] on weapons is significant compared to the value of the item itself, it's generally more profitable to use less expensive base items.
* The [[Skyrim:Augmented Flames|Augmented Flames]], [[Skyrim:Augmented Frost|Augmented Frost]], and [[Skyrim:Augmented Shock|Augmented Shock]] perks directly affect elemental enchantment magnitudes on weapons wielded by actors with these perks.
* [[Skyrim:Destruction#Perks|Destruction perks]] that activate on elemental damage such as [[Skyrim:Intense Flames|Intense Flames]] do not activate from elemental damage enchantments on weapons.
* [[Skyrim:Illusion|Illusion]] enchantments are increased by [[Skyrim:Vampirism|Vampirism]]'s [[Skyrim:Champion_of_the_Night|25% power boost to Illusion magic]]. This also stacks with the Destruction perks if you make a Fire Damage / [[Skyrim:Fear (effect)|Fear]] or similar weapon.
* [[Skyrim:Fortify Destruction|Fortify Destruction]] and [[Skyrim:Fortify Restoration|Fortify Restoration]] effects from potions will enhance related enchantments on any items created while the potion is active.{{VN|section=Fortify Effects}} As noted under [[#Maximizing Enchantment Power|Maximizing Enchantment Power]], this allows nearly unlimited enchantment power if done correctly. This exploit is removed by the [[Tes5Mod:Unofficial Skyrim Patch|USKP]].
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