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* [[Skyrim:Destruction#Perks|Destruction perks]] that activate on elemental damage such as [[Skyrim:Intense Flames|Intense Flames]] do not activate from elemental damage enchantments on weapons.
* [[Skyrim:Illusion|Illusion]] enchantments are increased by [[Skyrim:Vampirism|Vampirism]]'s [[Skyrim:Champion_of_the_Night|25% power boost to Illusion magic]]. This also stacks with the Destruction perks if you make a Fire Damage / [[Skyrim:Fear (effect)|Fear]] or similar weapon.
* [[Skyrim:Fortify Destruction|Fortify Destruction]] and [[Skyrim:Fortify Restoration|Fortify Restoration]] effects from potions will enhance related enchantments on any items created while the potion is active.{{VN|section=Fortify Effects}} As noted under [[#Maximizing Enchantment Power|Maximizing Enchantment Power]], this allows nearly unlimited enchantment power if done correctly. This exploit is removed by the [[Tes5Mod:Unofficial Skyrim Patch|USKP]].{{VN|section=Fortify Effects}}
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