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Morrowind:Poison (ingredient)

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'''Poison''' is an extremely rare ingredient - only two samples exist, one in [[Morrowind:Mudan Grotto|Mudan]], Right Tower, and one in [[Morrowind:Palansour|Palansour]]. It is identical to {{MW Ingredients Link|Corprus Weepings}} in appearance, though not effects. It is the only ingredient for which all four effects are negative. (Though {{MW Ingredients Link|Corprusmeat}} shares the property of having only negative effects - Corprusmeat only has three effects however.) The other interesting thing about Poison is that 3 out of 4 of its effects are found ''only'' on Poison, and nothing else. This means that it is impossible to ever experience these two of these effects, since you need them to be shared on two ingredients to show up in a potion. (The [[Morrowind:Weakness to Poison|Weakness to Poison]] effect can be experienced by eating Poison straight.) This ingredient serves little purpose other than as a curiosity, since it is effectively useless.

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