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Lore:The Brothers of Strife

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<noinclude>{{Book Summary
|sortkey=Brothers of Strife, The
|author=[[Lore:Books by Author#Nili Omavel|Nili Omavel]]
|description=On the ancient conflict between Nedes and Dunmer

My fellow scholars would have you believe the {{Lore Link|Dunmer|Elves of the Ashlands}} are unstoppable. They point to {{Lore Link|Battle of Red Mountain|Red Mountain}} and other triumphant, if hard-fought, battles against the {{Lore Link|Dwemer}} as proof. But once long ago, our people were as fair as a mountainside in {{Lore Link|Skyrim}}. In that distant time, we were driven to the edge of defeat.

In the time before Red Mountain, we were known as the {{Lore Link|Chimer}}. We were just another race of {{Lore Link|mer}} eking out a living on the edge of the {{Lore Link|Inner Sea}}.

Then came the {{Lore Link|Nede}}s. Though the {{Lore Link|Nord}}s of today are allies, the Nedes were adversaries of the darkest nature. They sought only land, conquest, and spoils. We extended open hands of diplomacy, which they lopped off. Any Elf in the horde's path was fair game—man, woman, or child.

The greatest generals of the age were brothers. {{Lore Link|Balreth}} and {{Lore Link|Sadal}} led armies of willing warriors against the horde. At first, this was an attempt to drive them from the ash. As the war went on, their actions turned purely to defense and redirection. If a force of Chimer could spend their blood allowing a village to evacuate, then that was blood well spent.

The Nedes, after a few short years, controlled most of what we now call {{Lore Link|Stonefalls}}. The Chimer armies were cut off from the Inner Sea and reinforcements from {{Lore Link|Vvardenfell}}. The brothers retreated again and again until finally, they were left with a small elite force of sorcerers and troops. This force then took shelter in an ancient {{Lore Link|Daedric}} ruin.

What happened at that ruin has been lost to time, but the massive statues that now mark the site endure as a mute testament. The death of the Chimer generals ended the war, but at what cost?

At this ruin, the so-called Brothers of Strife were born. My research shows that Chimer mages from Vvardenfell eventually bound the beasts, but not before the Brothers ended the lives of hundreds of men and mer. One of the darkest chapters in our people's history followed. The unstoppable beasts made the ash run red with blood, Chimer and Nede alike.

We can only speculate what brought the Brothers to {{Lore Link|Nirn}}. Perhaps a {{Lore Link|Daedric Prince}} summoned them to that ruin. Maybe it was {{Lore Link|Sheogorath}} having a laugh or a grim survival test from {{Lore Link|Boethiah}}.

When the two beasts were finally bound into the twin spires of Stonefalls, they went to their rest with the blood of history staining their claws. We must hope and pray to the {{Lore Link|Tribunal|Three}} that their like will never be seen in the {{Lore Link|Ashlands}} again.
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