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! {{Linkable Entry|Attack}}
| '''Left Click''' || [[File:UESP-icon-Xbox RT.png|22px|RT]] || '''R1R2''' || To attack with your [[#Equip|equipped]] weapon (or [[Oblivion:Hand to Hand|hand to hand]] if no weapon has been equipped).<br>If [[Oblivion:Telekinesis|Telekinesis]] is active, the targeted item will be pushed further away from you.
! {{Linkable Entry|Cast}}
| '''C''' || [[File:UESP-icon-Xbox RB.png|22px|RB]] || '''R2R1''' || To cast your currently selected spell or scroll. Spells are selected in the spell menu (or with hotkey).
! {{Linkable Entry|Ready Weapon|Ready|Sheath}} /<br>Sheathe Weapon
! {{Linkable Entry|Block}}
| '''Right Click''',<br>'''Alt''' || [[File:UESP-icon-Xbox LT.png|22px|LT]] || '''L1L2''' || Block with weapon or shield.<br>If [[Oblivion:Telekinesis|Telekinesis]] is active, the targeted item will be pulled closer to you; if the [[#Attack|Attack]] key is simultaneously pressed, the item will be dropped.
! {{Linkable|Yield}}
| '''Right Click'''+<br>'''Space''' || [[File:UESP-icon-Xbox LT.png|22px|LT]]+[[File:UESP-icon-Xbox A.png|22px|A]] || '''L1L2'''+[[File:UESP-icon-PS3 X.png|22px|X]] || To yield to an opponent, you must [[#Block|Block]] while activating the character. Not all opponents will accept your yield; others may accept the yield but immediately resume fighting. Creatures ''never'' accept a yield.
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