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Morrowind:Technical Information

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Morrowind is a bit picky about system configurations, and it is known to have frequent Crash-To-Desktop (CTD). These are the results of a memory leak in the game that has never been closed according to rumors, though Bethesda has never confirmed this. There's a thread on the official forums that deals with many common ways to minimize the number of crashes: {{BSForums|topic=31-step-by-step-ctd-crash-troubleshooting|Step-by-Step CTD (crash) Troubleshooting}}.
If the game frame rate is choppy and you encounter persistent slowdowns in Windows 7, this may be due to an incompatibility between the game and the system audio codecs. This can also result in music not playing in-game. Installing an alternative set of audio codecs (recommended: LAV Filters) may resolve this issue.

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