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Skyrim:Drevis Neloren

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Upon first meeting Drevis, he will be surprised that you are talking to him, and say: ''"You... You can see me?"'' You can either deny this, and he will say: ''"But you can hear me, obviously. Something still isn't quite right. At least I'm making progress."'' or, you can tell him the truth, which will make him say: ''"Confound it all. I was quite sure I was invisible, or at least transparent."'' If you ask him which are the best Illusion spells, Drevis will be intrigued and say: ''"Oh my, that's quite a difficult question. Never underestimate the ability to influence others. Whether they're friends or foes, they're almost all susceptible to Illusion spells. They can turn the tide of a battle in a moment's notice. There are also spells that help in avoiding conflict altogether. Invisibility is tricky to master, but exceptionally useful."''
Upon finishing a conversation with Drevis, he will sometimes say: ''"If only I could be free of the mundane, day-to-day activities life so often requires."'' or:, ''"Illusion really is the least appreciated of the schools of magic."'', or: ''"You know, they say knowledge is its own reward."''
While inside the Arcanaeum, he will have conversations with other College members, such as [[Skyrim:Urag_gro-Shub|Urag gro-Shub]]:

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