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** In Gamepad Controls, unmap the Attack and Block buttons. Remap Activate to the X button, Ready Weapon to the LB button, Cast to the RB button, Sneak to the left stick button, Jump to the Y button, Change View to the right stick button, Journal to the B button, Wait to the Back button, and Grab to the A button.
* In JoyToKey, click on "Preferences", select "Associate profiles with applications...", and select "Add". Under "Application Name" put "Oblivion", under "Application Path" put "Oblivion.exe", and under "Associated Profile" select "Oblivion". It is recommended that under "Default behavior" you select "Specify a default profile" and select the aforementioned profile with no mappings. This way the Oblivion profile will be run when you are playing Oblivion and at no other time.
* Set JoyToKey to openrun on startup. It can be useful to set JoyToKey to hide from the taskbar while minimized, in the preferences menu.
* These are the controls:
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