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== Stat Decreases ==
'''Problem''': I had my Wisdom drop from 62 to 34. I have no diseases, no "spell Icons" are on my character sheet and if I look at my wisdom score in an editor it shows 62 still. '''Answer''': I had the same thing happen to me with my personality. I figured it out: I was using a personality ring and saved the game while wearing it. When I loaded my personality was equal to my original unmodified value. When I took off the ring...poof! My personality dropped about 20 or 30 points. I had to re-load from the previous save game (luckily I had one). You have your stats drop unexpectedlycould always use the edit program to put it back... '''Answer''': Maybe you have been hit by spell? Try a "Heal Wisdom" custom spell. This option in the spellmaker seems to imply that there is a way to have a "damaged" attribute. ! '''Answer''': Early versions of the game had a problem with the poison / disease part. If you were hit by a nightblade and you were poisoned, a cure poison spell didn't work and several attributes dived towards 0. After 12-24 hours or so the 'poison' changed to witches pox, a another disease. deadly disease. Then a cure disease spell worked. It turns out that casting cure disease when you are poisoned in this case heals you. This is fixed in the v1.79 patchI believe. '''Answer''': This problem was addressed in ''The (In)Famous Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall'' by Mark Stinsonon page 47. It's not clear whether this effect was a bug or a 'feature.' However, this problem does not seem too uncommon. Basically, an attribute may fail to return to normal after unequipping an attribute-boosting item that was worn for long periods.(So consider removing such items before traveling or extended periods of sleep! Besides, this saves these items from wearing out too fast. ) The sudden drop in attribute may be up to half of the original value. But there are two methods of fixing this in-game. One is to get healed at a temple. The other is to create and use a custom ''Heal Attribute'' Restoration spell that's specific for the damaged attribute.(However, I've been wearing these items for long periods in v2.13 and I have yet to be bothered with this problem.)
== Information on Switches ==

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