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{{Trail|Creatures|Monsters}} [[Category:Dragonborn-Creatures-All]] [[File:DB-creature-Bull Netch.jpg|thumb|right|A bull netch]] [[File:DB-creature-Betty Netch.jpg|thumb|right|A betty netch]]
'''Netch''' are a species of large, tentacled creatures that float several feet above the ground. Netch were often domesticated on the Morrowind mainland, while wild netch were first sighted on [[Dragonborn:Solstheim|Solstheim]] several decades ago. Variants of netch include the betty netch, bull netch, and netch calf. They are often found in groups of three to six: one bull, one to two betties, and one to three calves. Unlike giants and mammoths, netch will only attack the Playeryou if theyyou attack arethem attackedfirst.
You may [[Skyrim:World Interactions#Netch Hunting Party|randomly]] find a group of four [[Dragonborn:Hunter|hunters]] preparing to hunt netch in the wilderness of Solstheim. You can choose to assist them, or wish them luck and be on your way.

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