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{{Trail|Creatures|Monsters}} [[Category:Dragonborn-Creatures-All]] [[File:DB-creature-Bull Netch.jpg|thumb|right|A bull netch]] [[File:DB-creature-Betty Netch.jpg|thumb|right|A betty netch]]
'''Netch''' are a species of large, tentacled creatures that float several feet above the ground. Netch were often domesticated on the Morrowind mainland, while wild netch were first sighted on [[Dragonborn:Solstheim|Solstheim]] several decades ago. Variants of netch include the betty netch, bull netch, and netch calf. They are often found in groups of three to six: one bull, one to two betties, and one to three calves. They are unaggressive unless attacked.
You may randomly find a group of four [[Dragonborn:Hunter|hunters]] trying to hunt a netch in the wilderness of Solstheim. In their opinion, it's a knid of giant air-floater from the dark elf lands. Only the brave dare to hunt them and only the strong survive them.
Statistics and information for each variant of netch are found in the table below:

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