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{{Trail|Creatures|Monsters}} [[Category:Dragonborn-Creatures-All]] [[File:DB-creature-Bull Netch.jpg|thumb|right|A bull netch]] [[File:DB-creature-Betty Netch.jpg|thumb|right|A betty netch]]
'''Netch''' are often domesticated on the Morrowind mainland. Wild netch were first sighted on Solstheim several decades ago, perhaps drawn by the familiar flora that has grown up in the southern ashlands. Variants of netch include the Betty Netch, Bull Netch, and Netch Calf. They are often found in groups of three to six: one bull, one to two betties, and one to three calves. They will not turn hostile to you unless being attacked.
| Common
File:DB-creature-Betty Netch.jpg|A Betty Netch
File:DB-creature-Netch.jpg|A group of Netches
File:DB-creature-Bull Netch 02.jpg|A Bull Netch attacking a Hunter
File:DB-quest-Fetch_the_Netch.jpg|The largest Netch family
== Related Quests ==
== Notes ==
*Netch can deal surprising amounts of damage to both low and high-leveled players because of their shock damage attack.
== Gallery ==
File:DB-creature-Betty Netch.jpg|A Bettygroup Netchof netches
File:DB-creature-Bull Netch 02.jpg|A groupbull netch attacking ofa Netcheshunter
File:DB-quest-Fetch_the_Netch.jpg|The largest Netchnetch family

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