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== Dialogue ==
Finna may be seen having some random conversations with her husband Oslaf:<br>
'''Oslaf''': ''"There's a terrible ache in my back today."''<br>
'''Finna''': ''"Complaining to me won't make your pain go away, Oslaf. Go and see Edla, perhaps she has a remedy."''<br>
'''Oslaf''': ''"There's no time for that now, I have work to do."''<br>
'''Finna''': ''"Then get back to it, you lazy horker! The day is wasting."''
'''Oslaf''': ''"Are the potatoes ready for eating? I want to roast them with some onions for the night's meal."''<br>
'''Finna''': ''"Be patient, my husband. The crop doesn't grow faster because it hears your growling stomach."''<br>
'''Oslaf''': ''"Hm, perhaps I'll make an offering to the All-Maker. He can make our potatoes ripen as surely as he makes the snow fall from the sky."''<br>
'''Finna''': ''"I'm sure the All-Maker has more important concerns than your potatoes, Oslaf."''

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