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Skyrim:Apocrypha (Epistolary Acumen)

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{{Trail|Places|Worldspaces|Apocrypha}}{{Place Summary
|titlename=Epistolary Acumen
|description=an area of [[Dragonborn:Hermaeus Mora|Hermaeus Mora]]'s [[Lore:Planes of Oblivion|plane of Oblivion]], [[Dragonborn:Apocrypha|Apocrypha]].
|imgdesc=The Epistolary Acumen Black Book in Nchardak
|treasure=[[Skyrim:Black Soul Gem|Black Soul Gem]]s<br> ''[[Skyrim:Death Blow of Abernanit|Death Blow of Abernanit]]''<br> ''[[Skyrim:Fire and Darkness|Fire and Darkness]]''<br> ''[[Skyrim:Orsinium and the Orcs|Orsinium and the Orcs]]''
}}{{#settrail:Dragonborn|Places|Worldspaces|Apocrypha}} [[Category:Dragonborn-Places-Worldspaces-Apocrypha]] There is only one zone are four zones in the area, namely ''[[#The Winds of ChangeChapter I|Epistolary AcumenChapter I]]'', ''[[#Chapter II|Chapter II]]'', ''[[#Chapter III|Chapter III]]'', and ''[[#Chapter IV|Chapter IV]]''.
The [[Dragonborn:Black Book: Epistolary Acumen (book)|Black Book]] needed to access Epistolary Acumen is found inside [[Dragonborn:Nchardak|Nchardak]]. You must complete the quest [[Dragonborn:The Path of Knowledge|The Path of Knowledge]] in order to retrieve the book.

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