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Skyrim:Windstad Manor

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related quests and note
Like the other player-built homes, you will have the option to expand onto your home with a [[Skyrim:Main_Hall|Main Hall]], cellar, and three wing additions. See [[:Category:Skyrim-Hearthfire-Furnishing Options|this page]] for pages detailing the furnishing options in each part of your home.
UponShould construction of the [[Skyrim:Small_House_Layout|small house]] layout andyou becomingbecome a [[Skyrim:Thane of Hjaalmarch|Thane of Hjaalmarch]], [[Skyrim:Valdimar|Valdimar]] will bemove appointedto asWindstad yourManor upon construction of the [[Skyrim:HousecarlSmall_House_Layout|housecarlsmall house]] layout.
The [[Skyrim:Passive Creatures#Nordic Barnacle Cluster|nordic barnacle cluster]] appears to be the only aquatic creature that cannot be bred in the fishery.
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|Laid to Rest}}
*{{Quest Link|Thane of Hjaalmarch}}
*{{Quest Link|Aftershock}}
* Frequent [[Skyrim:Draugr|draugr]] (dead and undead), [[Skyrim:Giant|giant]], and bandit spawns may occur here.
* One of the possible locations for a rupture to appear as part of [[Skyrim:Aftershock|Aftershock]] is located just beside the house.
{{Bug|The workbench in the cellar can't be removed with the drafting table.|dlc=HF|vn=1}}
**{{Pc22}} To remove it, open console, click on the table and type <code>disable</code>. You can place it again by typing <code>enable</code>, or by using the drafting table.
{{Houses in Skyrim}}

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