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added formula for hand-to-hand
Backstabbing and critical strike combined work very efficiently in conjunction with [[Daggerfall:Skills#Archery|Archery]] and an adequate ranged weapon.
The damage done by hand-to-hand can be calculated as follows:
<code>Minimum Damage = mod (hand-to-hand skill ÷ 10) + 1</code>
<code>Maximum Damage = mod (hand-to-hand skill ÷ 5) + 1</code>
Once the hand-to-hand skill reaches 80, the maximum damage is:
<code>Maximum Damage = mod (hand-to-hand skill ÷ 5) + 2</code>
One especially mentionable aspect of [[Daggerfall:Skills#Hand-to-Hand|Hand-to-Hand]] is, any type of enemy can be harmed by it, even such ones that require weapons crafted of special material to be hit. In conjunction with a high [[Daggerfall:Attributes#Speed|speed]] rate hand-to-hand is even more efficient in combat.

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