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**Note: Again it is not clear whether this variable refers to the player or the enemy. Since the to-hit chance decreases when this variable rises, it's very likely that the variable refers to the enemy's dodging skill.
===BackstabingBackstabbing and Critical Strike===
According to the Daggerfall Chronicles, the proper formula for the damage done by a successful [[Daggerfall:Skills#Backstabbing|Backstabbing]] is:
to the to-hit chance.
Of course backstabbinbackstabbing and critical strike can be combined to do even more damage. If both are successful the combined formula for the total damage is:
<code>( 3 + ( 3 × critical strike skill ÷ 100) ) × Base Damage</code>
Backstabbing and critical strike combined work very efficiently in conjunction with [[Daggerfall:Skills#Archery|Archery]] and an adequate ranged weapon.

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