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The following informationsinformation comecomes directly from [[Books:The Daggerfall Chronicles|The Daggerfall Chronicles]] and should be taken as fact. Without the game's source code these formulas can never be verified by game-play alone. Comments on thisthese formulas come directly from the DF Chronicles as well, in which notes on these formulas come from third parties.
===To-hit chance===
The chance to hit an enemy is, according to the DF Chronicles, as followfollows.
<code>Chance (%) = skill + armor_rating + ( (agil1 - agil2) ÷ 10 ) + ( (luck1 -luck2) ÷ 10 ) + swing_type + (adrenaline1 - adrenaline2) + generalMod + (career_Mod1 - career_Mod2) + misc_racial_mods - (dodging_skill ÷ 10) - 60</code>
According to the DF Chronicles the maximum to-hit chance can notcannot surpass 97% and the minimum chance will never be lower than 3%.
'''Armor Rating'''
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: Self-explanatory
**Note: NotThis is not as self -explanatory as the authors may have assumed, since this can either refer to the PC's or the enemy's armor rating. Since lower values (negative AC), as it is the case for higher level monsters, will result in a decrease of the to-hit chance, it seems more likely for this variable to refer to the enemiesenemy's armor rating.
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: PC's agility
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: PC's Adrenaline Rush
**Note: The DF Chronicles does not give any value for this variable, therefortherefore itsit is probableprobably just either 0 ( no Adrenaline Rush) or 1 ( Adrenaline Rush).
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: Monster's Adrenaline Rush
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: No comment at all
*Note: The DF Chronicles does not explain this variable at all, but maybe it refersmay refer to the Reflex-Level the player can choose at the character creation. Possible values may therefortherefore range from 0 to 5.
**Note: see note above
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: No comment at all
**Note: Again it is not clear whether this variable refers to the player's or the enemy's. Since the to-hit chance decreases when this variable rises, it's very likely that the variable refers to the enemy's dodging skill.
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