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Quests Bugged[edit]

I've been told to do an assignment for him but whenever I talk to him he just says Orthjolf can't be trusted and no option to start a quest. Anyone else getting this? Also I've also been given a quests to infect people I have already infected which obviously cannot be completed. — Unsigned comment by Lizard Man (talkcontribs) at 23:08 on 4 July 2012

Do you have a spouse? Also, for solving the "already infected" quest use the console command
   setstage DLC1RV07 255
It will complete it + give you the reward. Do it as many times as needed, if he keeps repeating it. If not on PC, well, I don't know...
EDIT: using the same command as I said above solves the "Vingalmo has no other dialogue than Orthjolf" bug. Just tried it out now. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 11:36 on 11 August 2012
I have the exact same problem and using console commands for quests he can give won't solve it. Earlier he did telll me to turn my spouse but the quest didn't show up in my journal and my spouse was immune for vampiric seduction. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 20:37 on 24 November 2012‎
I just got this problem, but I'm not on the PC. Should I go get married or something?Zydrate (talk) 01:13, 3 December 2012 (GMT)
Zydrate, are you having the problem where Vingalmo talks about Orthjolf without giving you any quests, or the problem of him giving quests to infect people who are already infected? — ABCface 03:30, 3 December 2012 (GMT)
The first one. He's just not giving me anything.-Zydrate[][] 03:36, 3 December 2012 (GMT)

() In that case, I'd try getting married, then completing a few quests for Feran Sadri, Fura Bloodmouth, or Garan Marethi before coming back to him again. Have you fully completed The Bloodstone Chalice and at least started Prophet? — ABCface 03:48, 3 December 2012 (GMT)

Got married, except it was to Jenassa, who is on the "list" (For some reason). The questline is completed, and I think I finished the Chalice. Doesn't matter where I am in any questline, they all just tell me to go talk to Vingalmo.-Zydrate[][] 03:51, 3 December 2012 (GMT)
If you finished the Dawnguard questline, you've definitely done the Bloodstone Chalice quest. In that case, I'm not sure of anything that will definitely work, but maybe you can try using the Frenzy effect (via spell, enchantment, or potion) on Vingalmo to get him to turn aggressive temporarily (long enough to start attack dialogue) and then use Pacify/Calm to get him back to normal again-- I'm reaching here, but maybe it will 'reset' his dialogue or something. (Make sure to save beforehand and be careful though, as the other NPCs in the castle may turn aggressive as well.) If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas. =\ — ABCface 04:26, 3 December 2012 (GMT)

Vingalmo and Night of tears?[edit]

I noticed that book mentions an Altmer of the same name, any connection?( 04:33, 23 July 2012 (UTC))

A quick search of the site doesn't show anything. Maybe one of our loremasters, or somebody with good Dawnguard knowledge, can find something. --XyzzyTalk 04:46, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
As far as I'm aware, there is absolutely nothing at all in game that links the two Vos 04:58, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
There was a book, "Last game at Dinner" or something like that, were an Aundae vampire (it clearly mentions their master, Dhaunayane Aundae - hope I got that right) from the Morrowind Vampire Clans and one of Helseth's little games. While there is no REAL connection at all, given that vampires live for a long time I don't see why there shouldn't be any connection between that Vingalmo and Dawnguard's one.
TL;DR Vingalmo Vampire + Altmer = lived for a long time. Book <= Vingalmo also Altmer, further reinforces the scholar idea. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 11:14 on 11 August 2012
Regardless of longevity, Unless it is properly specified, we cant make conjecture and call it lore from a simple name, that could be a very common Altmer name. The reason there is no connection, is because we dont know IF there IS any. Vos 09:29, 12 August 2012 (UTC)

Frostcrag Werewolf pack[edit]

Ok, after getting the glitch that stops the vampires and thus vingalmo giving quests, I was forced to go back a few saves(a lot of saves, I had checked each save and the one where I had not yet killed the werewolf pack allowed me to still do missions for the vampires, I then cured myself and asked serana to turn me again to check if the glitch is caused by curing, it is not as far as I discovered, I was still able to do mission for the vampires though I am not sure vingalma will still give any or not because as soon as I did this, I finished a mission for fura and got one from garen but I not check to see if Vingalmo will give me missions, so I don't know if the glitch is caused by curing or not. Could others check this out? try killing the werewolves ion solsthiem and then try getting missions from the vampires, also try curing yourself (either way) and see if you can get missions from vingalmo. 18:56, 16 March 2013 (GMT)

After some testing I think it is not the werewolf pack or anything I did in solstheim, It is something to do with vingalmo's repeating missions, basically when your next mission for the volkihar will be from vingalmo (whether you know it yet or not)and people you talk to will ask you to talk to him and if the mission you would get from vingalmo would be one you have done already (turning someone)then leaving the castle before talking to vingalmo(or talking to him but not accepting the quest)will cause vingalmo not to offer any more quests or the quest he was going to give. To solve this, I saved the game when returning from missions given to me by the vampire feran, that way there is a chance that instead of getting a repeated quest from vingalmo as next mission(which if you ignore by leaving the castle will prevent any quests forever) you can get quests from fura, garen and the others etc. Could someone else test this for confirmation? As then it can be put in the bugs section of the page to help players get around it. 22:50, 13 April 2013 (GMT)