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Creating map link[edit]

Can someone describe the best way to create a proper link the the google map? I managed to cobble together one from chewing gum and braided goat eyelashes, but it wasn't pretty. I can pan around and find the location on the map, but I don't know how to get that location's coordinates. Thanks in advance. --Xyzzy Talk 03:05, 11 October 2012 (GMT)

If you're on the PC, enter the console and click on an object there. Then look up the number you get (with an 0x prefix) on CSList, the X and Y coordinates there can be used for the maplink (be sure to select Skyrim as game). --Alfwyn (talk) 14:55, 12 October 2012 (GMT)
This looks like the answer of a question that was not asked. There would be easier if there was an option like the one Xyzzy asks for, with getting the coordinates from the UESP Skyrim Map. (Or at least that was how I interpreted Xyzzy's question.) If I have understood this correctly, one can use the "Link To This Location" link up right when the object is zoomed perfectly centred, and use the co-ordinates from there into something like this:
{{Map Link|ns=Skyrim|x=38824|y=112992|zoom=17}}
Am I right? —MortenOSlash (talk) 16:25, 13 October 2012 (GMT)
It appears that both of these methods work well. The method that Alfwyn stated works more directly, but requires the user to have access to the console and CSList. MortenOSlash's method should work for anyone. Thank you both. --Xyzzy Talk 15:25, 14 October 2012 (GMT)

Unmarked Places on Marked Places[edit]

By this I mean to say that to be truly useful we need to link to the entries on this page from the existing pages of the wiki, that is to say to add mentions of these places on nearby place pages.

Otherwise most people won't find them when they need them, i.e. when their character is in the neighborhood.

Having this page is truly useful, since then it's just the small matter of adding links to here on the various pages.

Cheers, CapnZapp (talk) 16:15, 11 October 2012 (GMT)

Many, if not most, of these unmarked places are already listed within nearby place articles, mostly for lack of a better place to record them at the time. I don't really see the use in listing all of them on nearby place articles, but that's just my opinion. I wouldn't undo them if somebody else decided to add them. --Xyzzy Talk 03:55, 12 October 2012 (GMT)
What I meant was that the introduction of this page should not be taken to mean that the various mentions around the wiki should be removed. It is these mentions that I think people will see (unless they're curious completionists). Of course, with this page, the mentions can be reduced to a link (to avoid info duplication), but hopefully not deleted altogether! CapnZapp (talk) 14:30, 12 October 2012 (GMT)
Right, so I think that to be truly useful we need to link to the entries here from nearby place pages (so visitors have a chance in hell to actually find this info even when not having this page as their start, that is "all the time").
My question is how do you do that? Add a link that takes you straight to an individual entry (not the top of the page, not a section)?
If it can be done with some markup hocus pocus, great. But if we need to prepare this page first, what do I need to add? CapnZapp (talk) 08:56, 13 October 2012 (GMT)

() Nevermind, found the anchor and vanchor templates myself. CapnZapp (talk) 07:57, 14 October 2012 (GMT)

bidirectional links[edit]

Also, having the links to be bi-directional (and not just going from here to the page places) would make maintenance much easier (the kind where we ensure information is consistent).

I am aware of the special page "what links here". Now I am asking how to create a quick list of pages *this* page links to, since that would be the best starting point for a "marked places that are nearby an unmarked place" list. That is, the list of pages that need to be updated to point here and/or get their "unmarked place info" moved here.

CapnZapp (talk) 08:58, 13 October 2012 (GMT)

Ironbind Overlook[edit]

This area is not marked on the map. Indeed, the only way (I've found) to know it is named is when you exit the Ironbind dungeon - the door is marked as such. CapnZapp (talk) 18:33, 13 October 2012 (GMT)

That's because it's part of the Ironbind location. Only a very few locations have two markers for different exits. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 18:40, 13 October 2012 (GMT)


Draw a line between Alftand and Mt Anthor. One third of the way (at the top of the mountain) there is a face on a pillar with some loot in two chests. I also fought two frost whisps. Don't really see a neat way of finding out if this place is already added (since I can't tell its category and there is nothing unique to search the page for); otherwise please do.

(One "easy" way to find it is from Ironbind Overlook, proceeding higher up) CapnZapp (talk) 18:41, 13 October 2012 (GMT)

there are a couplke potions on top of the pillar too. 20:22, 22 October 2012 (GMT)
I have also found this Dwarven shrine, there was an enhanced warhammer (soultrap) at the foot of the central pillar and the 2 dwarven chests offered some nice loot, there is also some ore to dig. Worth the climb and a mention in the pages me thinkst. Annabellalot (talk) 15:36, 10 September 2013 (GMT)

Anchors / Names[edit]

Okay, so I want to start creating anchors that allow us to link to specific entries on this page from other places.

Now the question is whether we should keep these places unnamed, or if we should name them.

Naming them will be of great help since just a running number can't be used (since new entries might be added anywhere at any time), and why not then give them a "proper" name?

  • Anyway, in the first case, I propose using the two first letters of the category plus the closest landmark name. An example: "The flaming remains of a caravan", a "Caravan Remains" entry "West of Evergreen Grove", we give it the anchor "CREvergreenGrove" or possibly ""CREvergreenGrove1" if we're concerned about uniqueness. This would be an anchor.
  • In the second case, a name like "CREvergreenGrove" sounds computery and is probably undesirable. Something like "Flaming Caravan" sounds much better. Of course, were this Wikipedia that would be original research, since we're inventing names that appear nowhere in the actual game. (This would be a "vanchor" or even a subheader of the appropriate level.)

What do you guys say? CapnZapp (talk) 08:22, 14 October 2012 (GMT)

Redundant Links?[edit]

Yesterday I edited this page to add skill links to many of the skill books, as I noticed that some of the skills were not linked. My changed were then removed and called redundant, even though there still are skill links on the page. Why?--Anil (talk) 14:12, 14 October 2012 (GMT)

The Style Guide says to avoid cluttering links. In general, we only link to another page the first time that page is mentioned in that section. I noticed as well that some editors were removing more links than I would have, so maybe some consensus needs to be reached. --Xyzzy Talk 15:02, 14 October 2012 (GMT)
To avoid cluttering, but keep the important stuff, I suggest linking and mentioning two locations for where to find it, and linking only the most important item there, eg the skill book, but not the skill or "skill books". Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 15:16, 14 October 2012 (GMT)
I think this page is easily long enough and the sections numerous enough to warrant linking to the skills the first time they are mentioned within a section. I've gone ahead and re-added some based on this. — ABCface 18:00, 14 October 2012 (GMT)

Description of Pinewatch: Bandit Post[edit]

"Two towers linked by a rope bridge straddles the Helgen-Falkreath road" is not a sentence fragment: Subject [Two towers linked by a rope bridge] + verb [straddle/s] + object [the road]. What else is needed to make it a sentence? There is a subject-verb agreement problem: Towers should straddle not straddles. In any case, we are just at the beginning of a transformation, so the language can be improved when we have added some more photos and updated the descriptions in a standard way. I haven't thought a lot yet about what that may or should be. I encourage editing directly in my sandbox, just to make it easier to transfer later, but here is fine, too, of course. --JR (talk) 05:10, 10 January 2013 (GMT)

I misspoke. There was not a sentence fragment, just the straddles-straddle issue. I didn't catch the WIP tag until I had already saved the edit. Sorry for any difficulty or distress it may have caused you. --Xyzzy Talk 06:59, 10 January 2013 (GMT)
It didn't. I wasn't thinking about the way that my tone could be interpreted there, Xyzzy. I just like grammar, and that's it. You improved the language. It can still be improved more later, I am sure. Please help me write, anytime! --JR (talk) 07:05, 10 January 2013 (GMT)


JR, I don't think we can fit 1 image per entry. That would make the page ridiculously long; around 5 times longer than Skyrim:Passive Creatures. It will make the TOC very long as well. I counted 105 (more or less) bullets altogether. I don't think each entry requires 1 image or its own heading like the OB one, especially dragon mounds. I suggest only 1 or at most 2 images per section; it can be made to look something like Skyrim:Easter Eggs.

Also, I realised you already uploaded 3 images for 1 entry; I think only 1 image will suffice. Just need to show the reader what the unmarked place is; don't need to show the different ways to get there.

I can help you upload images for this page, but I'll only upload a select few (2 maybe) per section. I won't be uploading for every camp, ruin or dragon mound etc. I'm not sure what others think, but IMO it's a waste of time; 100+ unmarked places images is out of the question. ~ Psylocke 08:35, 10 January 2013 (GMT)

ABCface, I think, pointed out how many there are in Skyrim. I haven't thought about it as far as you have. Good points. Let's see. Thanks. --JR (talk) 12:16, 10 January 2013 (GMT)
Sandboxing this for now while getting things figured out is a very good idea. Personally, I think using a bolded {{Linkable Entry}} for each name within a section would be fine, like what's currently done at Dragonborn:Unmarked Places (I linked to the current version rather than the article because that one will likely be updated to look more like the OB page later due to the small number of places listed). I've gone ahead and added an idea of it to JR's sandbox at the bottom (NOTE: now top --JR (talk) 03:06, 11 January 2013 (GMT)) here for an idea of the layout I have in mind. I used one of the images for the bandit bridge location as filler in every section, just so you get an idea. But the layout itself veers from that of OB:Unmarked Places to address the sizeable length of this page in comparison, and it takes Psylocke's idea of using only one or two images per section into consideration. Let me know what you guys think. — ABCface 22:51, 10 January 2013 (GMT)
I think Psylocke's and ABCface's ideas and suggestions are better, and have updated the sandbox to reflect this. I expect to be mostly away for a couple of days, so if anyone would like to move this forward and transfer the sandbox to the page, that's great. --JR (talk) 03:06, 11 January 2013 (GMT)
Okay, I'm glad that you like the new layout idea, I didn't want to feel like I was stepping on any toes by changing it completely from what you had in mind. Anyway, that was set up as an example more than anything, so we can definitely iron out the details more later, as it's still largely a work-in-progress. The names I gave them were meant to be temporary, just until we get the names from the official game guide (or come up with better names for those not in the guide). For now, if Psylocke (or anyone else) wants to start uploading images, I think we can safely use the temporary names for naming the images. That way they'll have semi-standardized names from the start, and if/when we come up with better names later, we can rename them as needed. How does this sound? — ABCface 03:53, 11 January 2013 (GMT)
Sounds good. I think the sandbox can be moved onto the page whenever someone thinks it's an improvement. --JR (talk) 04:27, 11 January 2013 (GMT)

The Arthurian reference[edit]

I have completed the linkage I feel should be in place for an unmarked place. The place in question is the small pool with a skeletal arm clutching a leveled sword.

  1. A reference leading to here from any relevant special pages, i.e. the Easter Egg page in this case.
  2. A reference leading to here from the mentioned marked place, i.e. Bleakwind Basin in this place (and not Silent Moons camp that was originally the reference on the Easter Egg page; lets be consistent here)
  3. A reference leading from here to special page such as Easter Eggs
  4. A reference leading from here to the referenced marked location ie Bleakwind Basin. This link and #6 are the only ones already taken care of.
  5. A reference leading from the marked place page to any special page (i.e. from Bleakwind Basin --> Easter Eggs). This is the only way regular visitors will ever notice the special event, so this is perhaps the most important link to make.
  6. A link Easter Eggs --> Bleakwind Basin. Already taken care of.

Note the tendency to provide links #4 and #6 before links #3 and #5. I argue that these latter ones are much more valuable, since they actually enable discovery. In contrast links #4 and #6 are merely mundane convenience links.

Note how it will be very problematic to link to individual entries here. See my earlier Talk sections (above) regarding this. As of now, I could link only to the section the small pool is in, called for some reason "Smaller Anomalies". This will quickly become unwieldy, and I propose this page is outfitted in a way that allows direct links to individual entries. (This I have also proposed earlier up on this Talk).

There's a lot of work to be done here folks! :) CapnZapp (talk) 09:14, 10 January 2013 (GMT)

Imperial city in Skyrim[edit]

Hi, i cant really provide much details because im playing on Ps3 and saw it on youtube. Somewhere South-East of Skyrim there is a path leading though the mountains, but if you walk on it its says: "You can not go there", because thats outside Skyrim.

Now, if you use Console commands and fly up, far away you can see the Imperial City lying. Should this be noted (here)?

WeeziMonkey (talk) 10:32, 22 February 2013 (GMT)

Not really, its already noted somewhere... historical references I think but don't quote me on that :D Unmarked places is really just for locations that you can go to in the game normally. Stuff like bandit camps that aren't marked on the map and such. Lord Eydvar Talk|Contribs 10:36, 22 February 2013 (GMT)
Yes, it's on the Historical References page, along with a screenshot. --Xyzzy Talk 18:26, 22 February 2013 (GMT)

Changing the name of the "Smaller Anamolies" section[edit]

Can we change the name of this section to something else? An anamoly is defined as "Something that is strange or unusual" (from Wiktionary). This really doesn't describe these places. CSList uses "POI" as part of the Editor ID for many of these encounters (Rundi for example), which I assume is short for "Point of Interest". This seems like a much better name for this section. Thoughts? --Xyzzy Talk 22:53, 16 March 2013 (GMT)

I think it's "place of interest" but yes, the current name doesn't do those places justice. Elakyn (talk) 23:04, 16 March 2013 (GMT)

Re: Skeleton, Six Gold Ingots, the book "Beggar," and a weapon[edit]

The 8th item under "Smaller Anomalies" lists "a Sanctified Steel Dagger" as the weapon found at this peculiar location. However, at level 45, I found a "Dwarven Dagger of Flames." Now, is this an issue of one's level (which is why I provided my character's level)? Is it simply a random magical dagger? I leave that to wiser people (or at least those who know how to use the creation kit really well) to determine. I just thought I'd mention it, because I didn't find a Sanctified Steel Dagger there. Balarick (talk) 00:49, 20 March 2013 (GMT)

One user puts Sanctified, another puts Flames = random. Article changed, thanks. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 00:54, 20 March 2013 (GMT)

Small geocache in the mountains[edit]

South of Angarvunde in the side of the mountain is a small box with an emerald and a sapphire in it. There's also some Canis Root. Happy climbing :) -- 19:51, 8 December 2013 (GMT)

Closeby, south of Largashbur, is a small ruin with two flights of stairs. A troll has set up camp in there. -- 20:04, 8 December 2013 (GMT)

About the troll lair west of Rkund[edit]

the troll lair mentioned above is west of rkund. I found a copy of better locks skill book beside a fallen tree ne of the bottom of the stairs — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 04:33 on 19 July 2014 (GMT)

You are free to add information to the Wiki, just as everybody else. Do not bother about your language being sufficiently good or other details, as there will come later users fixing these minor thing. By the way, you might want to sign your contributions to talk pages as described in the first bullet point on the top of the edit pages. —MortenOSlash (talk) 04:56, 21 July 2014 (GMT)

Chicken Necromancer[edit]

Has anyone else run across the hostile Novice Necromancer who raises chickens at night outside of Ivarstead? Since I play on a console, I'm not sure of the exact coordinates, but it's due east or east-southeast of the unmarked woodcutter's camp with the dead woodcutter. He has an altar set up with a chicken's egg and I think a couple more ingredients, but he and 3 or 4 undead chickens only appear at night. He does tend to respawn, but I'm not sure if it's 10 or 30 days. Should this go under Unmarked Places, since it's stationary and I've only ever encountered him in this spot, or perhaps with World Interactions, or both? Chocoholic (talk) 08:09, 29 August 2014 (GMT)

It's only found in that location and its scripted that way, so probably here and with that name because it's even in the prima guide. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 08:19, 29 August 2014 (GMT)

Dead Snow Elf king outside the Inner Sanctum[edit]

Might be worth pointing out this somewhere on the wiki (there's a vid in the comments). I don't recall seeing it mentioned before. And the OP seemed to think he should've been able to find out something about it on this page. Insignificant RevisionsThreatsEvidence 02:18, 13 May 2015 (GMT)

Bleak Falls Tower map marker[edit]

I'm remembering this back from 2011, so my memory may be failing me, but I'm pretty sure that this location had a map marker at some point, and the tower was called something completely different. I had no mods on whatsoever, so I'm curious if the map marker was patched out, or if I'm losing my mind. Can anyone confirm either of these things? --Rezalon (talk) 08:39, 4 September 2015 (UTC)

Are either of these Unmarked Places mentioned on Unmarked Places?[edit]

A Hunters' Camp replaces the Whiterun Stormcloak Camp if Stormcloaks win the Civil War. (Yes, it appears on the Whiterun Stormcloak Camp UESP page but this Hunters' Camp is unmarked.)

The Remains of Khajit caravan with a lootable chest appear to right of the path between Helgen if Stormcloaks win the Civil War after the Falkreath Stormcloak Camp is disabled. 11:11, 10 February 2016 (UTC)

Caravan remains[edit]

Just outside of the entrance to Forebears' Holdout is a ruined caravan. Not sure if it is there in the base game. Maybe someone w/o DG can tell us. 23:12, 15 February 2016 (UTC)

It is mentioned in the notes section of the Chillwind Depths page, as it is both relatively close to the cave and what you find among the caravan ruins is naturally linked to the contents of the cave. —MortenOSlash (talk) 05:34, 16 February 2016 (UTC)

2920 Last Seed[edit]

I was exploring the mountainous area surrounding Stendarr's Beacon, and found a small, uninhabited camp. It had an unowned bedroll, a lantern, and 2 books--one of which was the skill book 2920, Last Seed (v8). I have found the location on the map, but I didn't see it listed on this page. It may not be important, but a skill book that is available without stealing or fighting could help some people. It was approx. East-Northeast of the beacon. Csjimmy (talk) 08:37, 10 March 2017 (UTC)

Bandits/camp not always there[edit]

I was playing a new character, and visited the camp S of Pinewatch (with the dead female Dunmer and the bandits that appear). The problem was, it was not present. No NPCs, and no tent/items. The physical location hadn't been altered, but the camp wasn't spawned in. I have been experimenting with 'alternative game-play', such as NOT going to Riverwood right away (which allows the Kajiit ruined caravan to spawn near the Falkreath SC camp), and not doing Dragon Rising. I wonder if there is anything similar happening here--such as the camp not spawning until after a certain event occurs. I will try with a different character on a different system later in the week. Csjimmy (talk) 15:38, 3 April 2017 (UTC)

New Shrine North of Riften?[edit]

I found the ruins of an unmarked fort north-northwest of Riften atop a small hill with a shrine of Zenithar - am I the first to discover this? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 22:57 on 6 September 2017 (UTC)

If you mean North by North-East, rather than North by North-West, it is already listed on the correct page. —MortenOSlash (talk) 15:35, 7 September 2017 (UTC)