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No respawning here?[edit]

It's been a few game-months since I cleared Nilheim, and was given a quest to kill the bandit leader at Nilheim, however the zone has not respawned NPC's. Items and chests have respawned, however. Torinir 01:28, 13 December 2011 (UTC)

Same here. 21:15, 1 February 2012 (UTC)
Same here. Is there some console command to solve this? Alternatively how do i remove/complete the radiant quest from the log? 01:44, 26 February 2012 (UTC)
I found it: setstage bq01 100 it is from the Bounty Boss radiant quest line: — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 01:59 on 26 February 2012
I was able to kill the Bandit leader and complete the quest by using the `Resurrect` console command on the NPC previously killed. Sramdi (talk) 02:37, 31 December 2012 (GMT)
Confirmed; the bandit "leader" will not despawn/rot, so target him, use the "Resurrect" command in the console, and then kill him, and it will update the radiant quest.


Going there (on 360), without any quests related to the area, the guards are friendly to me but attack my horse. 04:54, 27 December 2011 (UTC)

I entered Nilheim without talking to Telrav. I wasn't attacked, but the 'guards' were drawn to my horse, attacking until they killed it, and ignoring me even when I attacked back. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it should be noted for travellers on mounts. (on PC) — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 05:58 on 29 December 2011 (GMT)
Agreed. Happened to me too (xbox), though I was able to run away on my horse, park him at a nearby farm, and return on foot to go through the quest Obax 20:41, 31 May 2012 (UTC)

behavior of the "guards"[edit]

Without the quest active I was able to kill the "guards" in plain sight of one another without them becoming aggressive. Just said things like, "stop, don't do that" etc. 00:12, 24 September 2012 (GMT)

Please NOTE[edit]

As mentioned in the bugs, if you have cleared this area then get a radiant quest pointing here the chests will reset. This appears to be an obvious conflict between the radiant scripting and the somewhat odd behavior scripted to this area and Telrav's little game. Sniffles (talk) 10:20, 4 April 2013 (GMT)

If you use the console command TCL you will discover the tower and some of the surrounding landscape has another landscape underneath it. It seems the area was very poorly designed, possibly by two developers that weren't communicating with each other. One can only assume the scripting is also faulty. Sniffles (talk) 10:39, 7 September 2014 (GMT)

Is Nilheim Really Safe?[edit]

I know that most locations in Skyrim that do not respawn are usually considered safe for storing a player's items, since it usually pertains to NPCs as well as containers, but I don't know if Nilheim can be considered completely safe, since certain containers like chests do respawn even though the NPCs stay dead. A possible similarity can be made to Anise's cabin near Riverwood or Lund's Hut outside of Rorikstead, where only certain containers are safe while other containers do respawn. Is it possible on the PC version to find out which containers at Nilheim are safe, or does it require access to the Construction Kit to find out that information? If we can locate the truly safe containers, then we can make a note of them on the page. Chocoholic (talk) 07:13, 21 November 2014 (GMT)