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More quests[edit]

  • Visit the hunters at Frostmoon Crag
  • Locate the East Empire Pendants for Fethis Alor in Raven Rock
  • Search for the treasure of Haknir Death-Brand
  • Recover the Bonemold Formula for Glover Mallory
  • The Final Descent
  • March of the Dead
  • Unearthed
  • Plus a few I've completed which do not show up on my completed list: Find the Lusty Argonian Maid Folio is one of them.

Oshaugm (talk) 23:34, 4 December 2012 (GMT)

Another one, although I'm not sure whether this can be counted as a real quest:
  • Let Neloth cast a spell on you. Not the quest which decreases your health when you touch water. This spell turns the player blind, drains your stamina and according to Neloth's and Talvas' comments, something grows out of your eyes. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 11:50 on 20 February 2013‎
Yes. It's the second quest ID mentioned at Experimental Subject. --Alfwyn (talk) 12:08, 20 February 2013 (GMT)

Another quest in Skaal Village[edit]

Edla wishes you to talk to her son, Nikulas and convince him to stay in the village whereas he wishes to explore. When you talk to Nikulas any of the options and he will stay however the first one causes him the most happyness as it allows him to leave but only when his mother is ready. Edla gives you some Solstein native herbs as a reward. I havn't tried the negative though. I'm unsure if anyone from Skaal village is marryable.

The talk to Nikulas quest doesn't show up in your journal. -- 06:25, 14 December 2012 (GMT)

Thanks for the info. The quest page has now been set up here. Feel free to add any information you have that's missing from the page. — ABCface 22:59, 17 December 2012 (GMT)

Spell Absorption[edit]

I don't want to spoil the quests for myself by looking at the individual pages, but do any of these additional quests get ruined by 100% Spell Absorption the way that Skyrim:Brelyna's Practice is? I intend to become a Necromage vampire with The Atronach Stone and Atronach, and it seems like it would take a lot of effort to potentially load a save before the quest is broken, travel back to Skyrim, activate a new Standing Stone, go all the way back, finish the quest, then repeat the travelling to get the Atronach Stone again. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 22:02 on 2 January 2013

The quest Experimental Subject might be affected in a similar way. I'm not sure about any others. — ABCface 22:37, 2 January 2013 (GMT)

Missing Black Book[edit]

Any particular reason why the "Black Book: Waking Dreams" quest isn't listed with the other "Black Book" quests? It's not listed at all, as far as I can see, either here or on the "Side Quests" page. 03:11, 13 January 2014 (GMT)

Because Waking Dreams doesn't have an individual side quest associated with it. It is used during the main Dragonborn questline, primarily in At the Summit of Apocrypha. -- Hargrimm(T) 03:17, 13 January 2014 (GMT)
Likewise, "Black Book: Epistolary Acumen" is not listed since it is part of The Gardener of Men and will not have an entry among the completed quests. Kalevala (talk) 03:53, 30 September 2017 (UTC)

another quest kind of...[edit]

while on the north coast (south-west from the small island with the 2 stahlrim spots) i ran into a madman (literally named that) who told me about the black book in berkongerike, which marked it on my map and listed it as a misc. quest; then he attacked me. this should probably be either listed here or mentioned as a way to start that black book quest in its' section. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 14:14 on 9 October 2017

That quest is listed under Miscellaneous Quests, and has its own page at DB:Black Book (quest). Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 13:44, 9 October 2017 (UTC)