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This page lists mods that were created by Skyrim's developers. Note that this list does not include mods made by Creation Club developers, the majority of whom were initially community mod authors.

Plug-in Platform Creator Description
Download Lokir's Tomb PC Bethesda A completed version of the example dungeon used in Bethesda's Creation Kit Tutorial.
Download Real Carriages PC Kurt Kuhlmann Replaces the carriages in the cities with real ridable carriages like in the game's intro. You can ride to any of the hold capitals, get out along the way, and your follower will even ride along with you. You can also ask to skip directly to the destination.
Download Loading Screens. By your Mom. PC Ashley Cheng hey [sic] honey, I made a mod with your dragon game and uploaded it to facebook. Can you see it? Its [sic] not done yet. Did you drink any water today? 6 glasses a day dear, remember. Yes I know the mod isn't complete yet. If a certain Mr Bossy Pants would go to bed when he is supposed to, mommy would have time to write more and finish this mod.
Download Less Werewolf Plz PC Ashley Cheng Reduced the appearance of the Werewolf loading screen, when the player has lyncathropy [sic]
Download Home Barrel Reloaded PC Nick Breckon Home Barrel Reloaded adds a new, fully upgraded Home Barrel to the exterior of the Dark Brotherhood cave in the event that your original Home Barrel was destroyed in the Great Disaster.
Download Plant Trees PC Nick Breckon Plant Trees enables you to plant seeds that slowly grow into mature trees. Grow your own money-making tree farm, found a new forest, or add that last touch of woodsy ambiance to your home's front lawn.

Preview Mods[edit]

Preview mods are mods created for Bethesda to showcase new features in their announcements. They are created by Bethesda Game Studios employees and some modders invited to beta test new features. Many of them are humorous and not real in nature.

Creation Kit & Skyrim Workshop Preview[edit]

As seen in the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Creation Kit & Skyrim Workshop Preview

Mod Rating Description
T5-icon-Cabbage Cannon.png Cabbage Cannon! No stars
T5-icon-Complacent Horkers.png Complacent Horkers No stars
T5-icon-Darker Dungeons.png Darker Dungeons No stars
T5-icon-Deciduous Forest Kit.png Deciduous Forest Kit No stars This mod was based off the Seasonial Foliage feature from Game Jam
T5-icon-Dragon Combat Overhaul.png Dragon Combat Overhaul No stars
T5-icon-Enhanced Rainstorms.png Enhanced Rainstorms No stars
T5-icon-Even More NPC Vendors.png Even More NPC Vendors No stars
T5-icon-Extreme Tanning.png Extreme Tanning No stars
T5-icon-Fancy Armor for Fancy Lads.png Fancy Armor for Fancy Lads No stars
T5-icon-Faster Travel.png Faster Travel No stars
T5-icon-Faster Wood Chopping.png Faster Wood Chopping No stars
T5-icon-French Accents for Dragons.png French Accents for Dragons No stars
T5-icon-Helgen 2.0.png Helgen 2.0 No stars
T5-icon-Jake's Enhanced Puffins.jpg Jake's Enhanced Puffins No stars
T5-icon-Lydia's Wedding Chapel.jpg Lydia's Wedding Chapel No stars
T5-icon-Macho Dragons.jpg Macho Dragons No stars Ported to the Workshop by its mod creator
T5-icon-Lydia's Wedding Chapel.jpg Lydia's Wedding Chapel No stars
T5-icon-Most Excellent Mod.png Most Excellent Mod No stars
T5-icon-Mudcrab Armor.png Mudcrab Armor No stars
T5-icon-Mysteries of Skyrim.png Mysteries of Skyrim No stars
T5-icon-Old Timey Shouts.png Old Timey Shouts No stars
T5-icon-Realistic Khajiit Hairballs.png Realistic Khajiit Hairballs No stars
T5-icon-Seraph's Faerie Fire Atronach.png Seraph's Faerie Fire Atronach No stars
T5-icon-Skeletal Assassins.png Skeletal Assassins No stars
T5-icon-VulKoltir's Vengeance.png VulKoltir's Vengeance No stars

Skyrim Special Edition[edit]

Mod Rating Description
T5-icon-Armors For Children.png Armors For Children No stars '
T5-icon-Bandit Quests.png Darker Dungeons No stars
T5-icon-Cats!.png Cats! No stars This mod was based off the Seasonial Foliage feature from Game Jam
T5-icon-Cow Armor.png Cow Armor No stars '
T5-icon-Faster Wood Chopping.png Faster Wood Chopping No stars '
T5-icon-Friendly Dragons.png Friendly Dragons No stars '
T5-icon-Giant Follower.png Giant Follower No stars '
T5-icon-More Adoptable Children.jpg More Adoptable Children No stars '
T5-icon-More Chickens.jpg More Chickens No stars '
T5-icon-More Civil War Battles.png More Civil War Battles No stars '
T5-icon-More Elven Weapons.png More Elven Weapons No stars '
T5-icon-More Spells.png More Spells No stars '
T5-icon-Nirnroot Farm.png Nirnroot Farm No stars '
T5-icon-Friendly Dragons.png Friendly Dragons No stars '

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