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This page contains all information pertaining to quests in Skyrim Very Special Edition. It includes the messages you hear while traveling and the landmarks you encounter, the possible quest givers, the items and relations they ask you to find and avenge, and the rewards they give to you afterward.


The game begins at a crossroads. You hear the prompt, "In one direction is a <Landmark 1>; in the other is a <Landmark 2>. Where would you like to go?" All of the possible landmarks are listed below.

When you choose a landmark, you generate a quest consisting of a quest giver, objective, and dungeon. The quest is summarized with a message that depends on the objective and you are asked if you want to accept it. You must say "yes" or "no".

If you say yes, you go to the dungeon; otherwise, you head out on the road and hear a traveling message which brings you to another crossroads. In the dungeon, you will face a number of enemies and eventually the dungeon's boss. If you die before killing the boss, you fail the quest and head out on the road.

Successfully killing the boss will trigger a success message, which again depends on the quest objective. You return to the quest giver and they hand you a reward. You hear the description, but the reward you get has no effect on gameplay. Finally, you head out to find another quest.


Traveling Messages[edit]

All of these messages are followed by, "In one direction is a <Landmark 1>; in the other is a <Landmark 2>.


  • Abandoned Tower
  • Ancient Standing Stone
  • Bustling Tavern
  • Busy Trading Post
  • Daedric Shrine
  • Dusty Old Wood Mill
  • Fishing Camp
  • Foggy Dock
  • Fortified Town
  • Isolated Shack
  • Nordh [sic] Village
  • Quaint Farm
  • Small Hamlet
  • Spooky Lighthouse

Quest Giver[edit]

A quest giver is randomly generated from a list of races and professions. For example, you may encounter an "Imperial carpenter". There is no correlation between the race and profession.[verification needed — needs testing]

NPC Races[edit]

  • Altmer
  • Argonian
  • Breton
  • Dark Elf
  • Imperial
  • Khajiit
  • Nordh [sic]
  • Orc
  • Redguard
  • Wood Elf

NPC Professions[edit]

  • Adventurer
  • Alchemist
  • Apothecary
  • Armorer
  • Baker
  • Bard
  • Beekeeper
  • Beggar
  • Blacksmith
  • Butcher
  • Candlemaker
  • Carpenter
  • City Guard
  • Companion
  • Explorer
  • Farmer
  • Fisher
  • Forester
  • House Carl
  • Hunter
  • Innkeeper
  • Mage
  • Mercenary
  • Messenger
  • Miner
  • Priest
  • Sailor
  • Scholar
  • Shopkeeper
  • Thieves Guild Fence
  • Trader
  • Vigilant of Stendarr

Quest Objective[edit]

The quest giver will ask you to go to a dungeon and clear it of evil, avenge one of their relations who was killed there, or retrieve an Item. The objective has no effect on how you play through the dungeon.

The Start text is used to introduce the quest and ask if you want to accept it, Summary is the message you hear when welcomed back to the game, Success is what you hear after killing the dungeon's boss, and Finished is for when you return to the quest giver and get a reward.

Avenge Relation[edit]

Start: "Once at the <Landmark>, [a/an] <NPC> greets you. [he/she] looks quite sad. [he/she] tells you [his/her] <Relation> was killed by a mysterious evil in [a/an] <Dungeon>. Will you avenge [his/her] <Relation>?"
Summary: "You agreed to help [a/an] <NPC> by retrieving [his/her] <Item> from [a/an] <Dungeon>."
Success: "You have successfully cleared the [cave/forest/mountain pass/ruined fort] of its dangers making Skyrim a safer place for all."
Finished: "The <Profession> thanks you for bringing justice to such evil. [he/she] hands you [a/an] <Reward>..."

Clear Dungeon[edit]

Start: "Once at the <Landmark>, [a/an] <NPC> greets you. [he/she] tells you of the terrible evil lurking in a nearby [cave/forest/mountain pass/ruined fort] that has been terrorizing the <Landmark>. Will you lend your spell and steel to [his/her] cause?"
Summary: "Ah, yes. You promised to help the people of the <Landmark> by clearing the nearby [cave/forest/ruined fort/mountain pass] of evil."
Success: "You have successfully cleared the [cave/forest/mountain pass/ruined fort] of evil. This should earn you a generous reward."
Finished: "The <Race> breathes a sigh of relief and thanks you for putting down every last one of those vile villains. They really had it coming. [he/she] tosses you [a/an] <Reward>..."

Retrieve Item[edit]

Start: "At the <Landmark>, [a/an] <NPC> greets you. [he/she] desperately needs you to retrieve [a/an] <Item> from [a/an] <Dungeon>. Will you help the <NPC>?"
Summary: "You scroll through your Journal menu for a refresher on your quest. You agreed to help [a/an] <NPC> by retrieving [his/her] <Item> from [a/an] <Dungeon>."
Success: "You have successfully retrieved the <Item>. This should fetch a nice reward."
Finished: "The <Profession> looks at the <Item>, relieved. [he/she] thanks you and rewards you with [a/an] <Reward>..."

Retrieve Lost Item[edit]

Start: "You meet [a/an] <NPC> at the <Landmark>. [he/she]'s lost an item of great sentimental value—[a/an] <Item>. [he/she] begs you to retrieve it for [him/her]. Will you lend your aid to this desperate <Profession>?"
Summary: "You scroll through your Journal menu for a refresher on your quest. You agreed to help [a/an] <NPC> by retrieving [his/her] <Item> from [a/an] <Dungeon>."
Success: "You pick up the <Item>, determined to return it to its rightful owner."
Finished: "The <NPC> thanks you for retrieving [his/her] <Item>. How could [he/she] live with [sic] it? As a reward, [he/she] gives you [a/an] <Reward>..."


  • Apprentice
  • Barber
  • Brother
  • Childhood Friend
  • Cobbler
  • Cousin
  • Father
  • Former Lover
  • Friend
  • Lover
  • Mentor
  • Mother
  • Old Fishing Buddy
  • Partner
  • Personal Chef
  • Servant
  • Sister
  • Uncle


  • Ancestral Weapon
  • Black Soul Gem
  • Book of Conjuration Spells
  • Bottle of Cheap Wine
  • Box of Rare Ingredients
  • Broken Soulgem
  • Ceremonial Blade
  • Childhood Toy
  • Collection of Orcish Poetry
  • Detailed Map of Skyrim
  • Diary Full of Secrets
  • Enchanted Scroll
  • Family Heirloom
  • Family Tree Tapestry
  • Finely Aged Cheese Wheel
  • Gift from the Mad God, Sheogorath
  • Golden Chalice
  • Helmet With Pointy Horns
  • Leather-Bound Tome
  • Left Boot
  • Lock of Scamp Hair
  • Mace of Molag Bal
  • Mountain Flower
  • Mysterious Dwemer Cube
  • Offering to the Nine Divines
  • Old Shield
  • Perfectly-Tuned Lute
  • Piece of String
  • Priceless Work of Art
  • Rare Book
  • Recipe for Boiled Cream Treats
  • Replica of the Soup Spoon of Ysgramor
  • Sack of Damning Evidence
  • Secret Sweet Roll Recipe
  • Set of Silver Candlesticks
  • Star of Azura
  • Statue of Talos
  • Useless Bauble
  • Weather Worn Journal
  • Wedding Band
  • Well-Aged Bottle of Skooma


Reward Description
Black Soul Gem "It's just an ordinary soul gem painted black."
Book Bound in Human Skin "Oghma Infinium is misspelled on the cover."
Book of Magic "You open it and see wizard doodles covering the margins, but no new spells."
Bottle of Argonian Ale "It's an acquired taste."
Bottle of Skooma "This reminds you of your college days at Winterhold."
Cheese Wheel "It's amazing how long these stay fresh."
Confusing Treasure Map "Who drew this? It's impossible to use."
Copy of the Lusty Argonian Maid "You'll save this for later."
Coral Dragon Claw "This will make a fine back scratcher. It may also have other uses."
Counterfeit Healing Potion "Inside the bottle, you find only tomato sauce."
Dremora Fingernail Clippings "These must have some alchemical use but you're not willing to eat them to find out."
Fork "Well, you can never have too many forks."
Greater Soul Gem "You shake it to see if there's a soul inside. Nope."
Guide to Sitting Like a Yarl [sic] "You'll read this while on the throne."
Imp Stool "Unfortunately, this is not a mushroom but the droppings of an imp."
Iron Key "Good luck figuring out which door this belongs to."
Khajiit Costume Tail "It's not something you'd personally like to wear, but to each their own you suppose."
Large Leather Sack "Embroidered on the bag are the words, I am sworn to carry your burdens."
Mysterious Burlap Sack "Okay then."
Notched Pickaxe "You'll need to hone your craft at mining to make good use of this."
Nuka Cola "This must be some sort of mistake."
Pair of Steel Knee Pads "These could really extend your adventuring career."
Radish "You're well on your way to making soup."
Re-Gifted Note "You inspect the note. There's a bloody handprint and the words "We know." We know what, you wonder?"
Ring of Invisibility "You slip it on your finger and the ring turns invisible, not you. Novice enchanters. Sheesh."
Ruby Dragon Claw "This will no doubt be in your possession for a very long time."
Sack of Infinite Holding "Is this powerful wizardry or a mod item?"
Scroll of Lockpicking "Wow, it's been years since you've seen one of these."
Small Giant's Toe "It probably just belonged to a very large Nordh [sic]."
Statue of Dibella "Wait a second...this is stolen!"
Stone of Barenziah "It looks nice, but let's be honest: you'll likely never complete the set."
Weathered Journal "It looks like the owner completed quite a few quests from the local tavern."
Wooden Bucket "This looks like it might make a nice hat."