Skyrim:Sapphire Paragon

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Unique Item: Sapphire Paragon (xx019abb)
Type Paragon
Added by Dawnguard
Editor ID PortalGemBlueKey
Weight Weight 0.3 Value Value 1000
The Sapphire Paragon

The Sapphire Paragon is located in the Forgotten Vale. To find it, go to the area where the Amethyst Paragon was found, northwest of the Shrine of Learning, and there is a path up the mountain. At the top, turn right towards the waterfall and you should see both the frost giant with the Sapphire Paragon and the gem platform directly across the river from him. If placed into the gem holder of the Paragon Platform, it will create an opening to the Inner Sanctum, with an abundance of leveled gems, several pieces of leveled elven gear, and three chests of leveled loot.