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Daedric Artifact: Ring of Namira (0002c37b)
(lore page)
Type Ring
Editor ID DA11RingofNamira
Weight Weight 0.25 Value Value 870
Stamina is increased by 50 points. Feeding on corpses grants you increased Health and Health regeneration for five minutes.
Ring of Namira

The Ring of Namira is a Daedric Artifact given to you by Namira as a reward for completing The Taste of Death. When equipped, the ring grants a Fortify Stamina effect which boosts the bearer's stamina by fifty points. As an added bonus, the ring also grants its wearer the ability to eat the corpses of humanoid enemies which are one of the playable races. If the wearer consumes a corpse, a blessing will grant an additional 50 points of health and 50% health regeneration for five minutes, lasting even after the ring is unequipped. This may provoke comments from guards such as "Ugh. Your breath is foul. What've you been eating?" Feeding on a body, if witnessed, constitutes an assault, and doing so in front of a guard may prompt them to attack you.

The Ring of Namira becomes much more useful with Survival ModeCC enabled, as it allows you to easily reduce your hunger by feeding on dead NPCs.

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  • If you are wearing the Ring of Namira and receive the Cursed Ring of Hircine from Sinding during the quest Ill Met By Moonlight, you will forever be able to feed off of bodies and obtain +50 health and +50% health regeneration.
  • Consuming a corpse while still under Namira's blessing from another corpse, and at less than 50 health, will kill you. This is because the bonuses from the old corpse are removed before those from the new corpse are added.
  • You can feed on your own Dremora Lord summon. Kill it and quickly click on its body before it disappears, and you will be given the option to feed. This is especially useful for survival, as it provides an unlimited supply of food for free.

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