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Riften Fishery
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Nivenor, Bolli, Swims-In-Deep-WaterCC
Console Location Code(s)
The Rift
Riften Docks
Special Features
# of Fishing SuppliesCC 2
Riften Fishery

Riften Fishery is a building owned by Bolli that is located just outside the city of Riften, down by the docks.

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Fishing supplies

This is a detached building built in the middle of Riften's docks on the eastern edge of Lake Honrich. There are numerous salmon and all types of ingredient fish and both blue and orange dartwings found around the docks. There are several dock workers wandering the docks at Riften who will talk about the Riften Fishery, stating their opinions on their jobs. With the Fishing creation, two Fishing Supplies and a Fishing Rod can be found here. Fish from Temperate Lakes can be caught here.

Riften Fishery[edit]

Fishery interior

Both doors are locked with an adept-level lock only at nights. Most of the people who work in the Fishery live at Haelga's Bunkhouse. Inside the building, a pool of water in the middle contains a large number of salmon. Around the pool is a walkway with railings around the pool, except at the southern end where there are stairs descending into the water. There are numerous open crates around the room containing salmon. With even more hanging from the railing or from ropes strung around the room above the walkway and pool. There are at least forty-five whole salmon that can be harvested, available in this room, not including any in the fish barrels. There are also a river betty, silverside perch and cyrodilic spadetail in an open crate along the east wall.

There are several fish barrels around the room, these can contain any of the small ingredient fish, fillets of salmon meat, clam meat and salt piles. On top of one of these in the northeastern corner is a piece of mudcrab chitin. There is a narrow table against the west wall with two fillets of salmon meat, a whole salmon and iron dagger with a whole slaughterfish from which can be harvested slaughterfish scales, on a wooden block beside the table.

At the northern end of the room are doors into an office area with a long wooden table against the west wall holding the business ledger, a bottle of alto wine, an eidar cheese wheel and a salmon steak. Against the north wall is a copy of Olaf and the Dragon on a crate and against the northeast corner is another long wooden table with an apprentice locked strongbox, a salmon steak, a bottle of Nord mead, a bottle of alto wine, a loaf of bread, a note that appears to be written by Bolli and a copy of Pirate King of the Abecean.