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This page documents the new items added by the Nix-Hound Creation.


Raw Food[edit]

The Creation takes care to add the raw Nix-Hound Meat to Survival Mode's raw food table, so you can contract Food Poisoning by consuming the uncooked variant.

Name (ID) Weight Value HungerCC Effect(s) Notes
SR-icon-food-DogMeat.png Nix-Hound Meat
0.2 3 Small Sources:


Cooked Food[edit]

Name (ID) Weight Value HungerCC Effect(s) Heal /Restore Health/Weight ratio Heal /Restore Health/Value ratio Stam /Stamina/Weight ratio Stam /Stamina/Value ratio Ingredients Notes
SR-icon-food-CookedNix-HoundMeat.png Cooked Nix-Hound Meat
1 15 Medium 12 0.8 0 0 Salt Pile
Nix-Hound Meat


Title (ID) Author Description Location
Notice of Sale - Nix-Hound
Geldis Sadri A notice about an orphaned Nix-Hound for sale
Notice of Sale - Nix-Hound
Revus Sarvani A notice about a Nix-Hound for sale

Spell Tomes[edit]

Like all books, this spell tome has a weight of 1.

Title (ID) Value Description
SR-icon-book-SpellTomeAlteration.png Spell Tome: Teleport Pet Nix-Hound
50 Teleports Nix-Hound