Skyrim:Ilas-Tei's Ring

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Unique Item: Ilas-Tei's Ring (000d5047)
Type Ring
Editor ID POIMageIlasTeisRing
Weight Weight 0.25 Value Value 40
Ilas-Tei's Ring

Ilas-Tei's Ring is a ring found on the body of its eponymous owner, a former College of Winterhold apprentice. His body can be found next to a shrine of Talos between Ysgramor's Tomb and Septimus Signus's Outpost in Winterhold. In appearance, the ring is identical to a silver amethyst ring, though it is worth substantially less gold. It does not possess an enchantment.


  • This ring was meant to play a part in an unfinished quest for the College of Winterhold, entitled The Missing Apprentices. In it, Phinis Gestor would have tasked you with finding four missing apprentices and bringing back an identifying item to prove their fate. If you brought him Ilas-Tei's ring, he would have said "Oh dear. I had particularly high hopes for her. Once she'd overcome her difficulties, she could have been quite successful here." However, while Gestor will talk about the apprentices, and their corpses and the items do appear, bringing the items to him has no effect.