Skyrim:Hall of Rumination

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Dwarven Ruin:
Hall of Rumination
# of Zones 1
Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 18
Falmer, Falmer Servants
Console Location Code(s)
In Blackreach's city (western part of cave)
Hall of Rumination

Hall of Rumination is a small Dwarven ruin within Blackreach containing Falmer and their servants.

It is part of the Dwemer City located in the western part of Blackreach.



The whole of the Dwemer city is guarded and patrolled by both Falmer and their servants. They are manning the walls and wandering the grounds. Many of them are near this building and the paths to it. Care must taken to avoid alerting too many at once. A good place to snipe them from is the bridge between the Pumping Station and the Debate Hall. Once they are dealt with, the Hall of Rumination is in the northwest part of the city. There is only one ground level entrance.

Hall of Rumination[edit]

Upon entering you are faced with a badly damaged room, with rubble everywhere. In the center is a pool of water with stone chairs arranged around it. Two of these are occupied by Falmer servants. There is also a third servant off to the right on a raised section and a Falmer to the left down a flight of stairs; both will be alerted to any fighting. Opposite the entrance at the rear of the room, in the northwest corner is a metal gate blocking access to a flight of stairs. This gate is opened using a lever on the raised section to the north. To the south are stairs leading down to an extensive area including a room under the pool, but containing nothing of interest.

To the north are a flight of stairs leading up to a raised section, with two closed doors in the east wall. The door on the left opens into a room containing two Falmer servants sitting in chairs. In the northwest corner of this room is an unlocked wall chest. The room on the right is a bedroom and contains two more servants as well as several stone beds, a table, and chairs. Whichever you take first, any fighting may alert those in the other room. In front of the bedroom, at the front of the raised area, is a stone chair and a lever that opens the gate blocking the stairs in the northwest corner of the room.

Climbing the stairs in the northwest corner of the main room leads up to a corridor with a closed metal gate about halfway along it. Behind the unlocked gate you can see a Falmer wandering around. Past the gate is a T-junction with a corridor leading to a lift ahead and another corridor around the corner to the southeast. Taking this second corridor you will find an unlocked chest on your left next to some piping and a wall chest up ahead where the corridor turns again to the southeast. There are two garnets and a Dwemer cog on the small stone platform under the wall chest. There are stairs up to a door that leads back outside to the southeast. Outside you will find a tall circular rock pillar in front of you with balconies extending to the left and right. From here you can look out over most of the city.

Returning inside the hall to the lift and activating it will take you to a short corridor that heads south before it turns to the east and ends at a door. The enemies beyond the door may detect you if you are not careful. The door leads back out to Blackreach, but on a far higher narrow balcony with two servants and a leveled Falmer. Ahead is a curved ramp leading down to a large circular platform with what appears to be a throne on a raised section in the center. Staying on the upper balcony and following it clockwise around the lift tower brings you to a crimson nirnroot in a large urn. From the circular platform you can see a lot of Blackreach far below you. The large orange globe hanging above the Silent City is slightly below you. Using Become Ethereal enables you to jump from this height to the courtyard below.