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Miscellaneous Items appear in your inventory under "Misc". It includes a wide variety of different types of items, many of which are detailed on other pages:

For items involved in quests, see Quest Items.

All items added by the official add-ons have reference IDs that change, thus they are documented as "xx.....". More details on why this happens, and how to find them are found here.

Bugs in a Jar[edit]

These are unique live bugs captured in jars. Each jar also carries a unique inscription etched into the inside of the lid. These jars serve no apparent purpose (nor do their inscriptions have a known meaning), and there is no associated quest or reward for collecting them. However, Tundra Homestead's cellarCC, Myrwatch's galleryCC, and Shadowfoot Sanctum's trophy roomCC contain a special holder for each one. If you tip the jars any which way (on the side, upended, etc.), the insect inside them always remains flying upright, both within the inventory or outside in the game world. Additionally, the bee jar might emit a buzzing sound when you are close by it.

The butterfly, moth, and torchbug jars respawn along with the areas where they are found, allowing multiple copies of these three jars to be obtained. The bee and dragonfly jars are in areas that do not respawn.

The Saints & Seducers Creation adds three new bugs in a jar: a bliss bug, a green butterfly, and a purple butterfly.

Name (ID) Weight Value Location
SR-icon-misc-BeeInAJar.png Bee in a Jar
1 1 Goldenglow Estate
SR-icon-misc-Bliss Bug in a Jar.png Bliss Bug in a Jar CC
1 1 Stony Creek Cave
SR-icon-misc-ButterflyInAJar.png Butterfly in a Jar
1 1 Alchemist's Shack
SR-icon-misc-DragonflyInAJar.png Dragonfly in a Jar
1 1 Dushnikh Yal, in Burguk's Longhouse (Cellar)
SR-icon-misc-Green Butterfly in a Jar.png Green Butterfly in a Jar CC
1 1 Solitude Sewers
SR-icon-misc-MothInAJar.png Moth in a Jar
1 0 Duskglow Crevice
SR-icon-misc-Purple Butterfly in a Jar.png Purple Butterfly in a Jar CC
1 1 Blue Palace, in the Pelagius Wing
SR-icon-misc-TorchbugInAJar.png Torchbug in a Jar
1 1 Frostflow Lighthouse

Children's ItemsHF[edit]

After installing Hearthfire, you may be able to purchase certain children's items from Radiant Raiment, general goods merchants, and Khajiit traders, such as apparel, a doll, or a wooden sword.

These items appear in the Miscellaneous section of your inventory; you cannot wear the children's apparel yourself. However, if you adopt a child, you can give them these items as a gift.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Blue Dress.png Boy's Blue Tunic
2 6
  • Can only be given to male children.
  • Can be found in random loot.
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Green Dress.png Boy's Green Tunic
2 4
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Grey Dress.png Boy's Grey Tunic
2 8
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Red Dress.png Boy's Red Tunic
2 5
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Yellow Dress.png Boy's Yellow Tunic
2 10
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Blue Dress.png Girl's Blue Dress
2 6
  • Can only be given to female children.
  • Can be found in random loot.
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Green Dress.png Girl's Green Dress
2 4
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Grey Dress.png Girl's Grey Dress
2 8
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Red Dress.png Girl's Red Dress
2 5
SR-icon-misc-Girl's Yellow Dress.png Girl's Yellow Dress
2 10
SR-icon-misc-Child's Doll.png Antique Nordic DollCC
2 0
  • Can only be given to female children.
SR-icon-misc-Child's Doll.png Child's Doll
2 10
SR-icon-misc-Vampire Doll.png Vampire DollCC
2 10


Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-misc-Albino Spider Pod.png Albino Spider Pod
1 10
SR-icon-misc-Chitin Plate.png Chitin Plate
1 5
SR-icon-misc-Damaged Albino Spider Pod.png Damaged Albino Spider Pod
1 10
SR-icon-misc-Heart Stone.png Heart Stone
1 100
SR-icon-misc-Netch Leather.png Netch Leather
2 10
SR-icon-misc-Stalhrim.png Stalhrim
1 200


Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-misc-Firewood.png Firewood
5 5

Housebuilding ItemsHF[edit]

After installing Hearthfire, there will be a number of new items sold by merchants or crafted by the player for use in building a home. For information on "sawn logs", see this page.


Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-misc-Clay.png Clay
1 1 Mined from Clay Deposits. Can also be bought from the steward of your home.
SR-icon-misc-Glass.png Glass
1 5 Available from general goods merchants or Khajiit traders.
SR-icon-misc-Goat Horns.png Goat Horns
1 5 Available from general goods merchants and dropped by goats.
SR-icon-misc-Quarried Stone.png Quarried Stone
1 2 Mined from Stone Quarries. Can also be bought from the steward of your home.
SR-icon-armor-ElvenBoots.png Sawn Log
0 0 Available from wood mills; can be purchased, or cut for free under certain conditions. See the item page for more information. Can also be bought from the steward of your home.
SR-icon-misc-Straw.png Straw
1 1 Available from general goods merchants or Khajiit traders.
Sawn Logs don't show up in the inventory; the icon used here shows the one found in the game data that would be used if they would.
  • General goods merchants and khajiit traders may take up to 30 days to restock housebuilding items – it is unknown whether this is intentional or not.


Name (ID) Weight Value Raw Materials Notes
SR-icon-ingot-Iron Ingot.pngIron SR-icon-ingot-Corundum Ingot.pngCorundum
SR-icon-misc-Hinge.png Hinge
0.5 4 1 - You craft two at one time.
SR-icon-misc-Iron Fittings.png Iron Fittings
1 4 1 -
SR-icon-misc-Lock.png Lock
0.5 10 1 1
SR-icon-misc-Nails.png Nails
0.1 1 1 - You craft ten at one time.


The duration of a torch is 240 seconds, and the radius of its light is 512. Other items, such as lanterns and candlesticks, cannot be used as sources of light. Torches, despite having a value, cannot be bought from or sold to any merchants, even with the Merchant perk. Holding a torch gives Fortify Warmth 50 pts when Survival Mode is active.

Name (ID) Weight Value Color Notes
SR-icon-misc-Torch.png Torch
0.5 2      The standard version.
0 0      With Dragonborn installed one can be found in the cellar of Hrodulf's House. This torch casts shadows.

Unique Items[edit]

Items noted for their mystery and uniqueness.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-misc-Skull.png Ancient Traveler's Skull
5 0
SR-icon-misc-Plate1.png Aretino Family Heirloom
0.5 100
SR-icon-weapon-Fork.png Balbus's Fork
0 0
SR-icon-misc-Flute.png The Dancer's Flute
2 3
SR-icon-misc-Flagon.png Michaela's Flagon
0.5 1
SR-icon-misc-Space Core.png Space Core
3.1 256
SR-icon-misc-Fork.png Ysgramor's Soup Spoon
0.5 3


Atronach Forge[edit]

These items are typically considered to be junk, but they can also be used at the Atronach Forge.

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-misc-Broom.png Broom
1 1 Sources:
  • 348 brooms can be found in 181 different locations, most notably Haelga's Bunkhouse (Riften)
  • 34% chance of being sold by most general goods merchants
  • May be randomly found in certain cupboards and other containers


SR-icon-misc-CenturionDynamoCore.png Centurion Dynamo Core
4 131 Sources:


SR-icon-food-Wine1.png Empty Wine Bottle
0.5 1 Sources:
  • 1022 bottles can be found in 43+ different locations, most notably Morvunskar (Eastmarch) and Faldar's Tooth (The Rift)
  • 58% chance of 1-7 bottles being found in chests in wounded soldier tents
  • 14% chance of 1-4 bottles being carried by any child


SR-icon-misc-RollOfPaper.png Roll of Paper
1 4 Sources:


Ruined Book
2 5 Sources:


Dishes and Tableware[edit]

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-misc-Bloody Tankard.png Bloody TankardDG
0.5 1
SR-icon-misc-Bowl1.png SR-icon-misc-Bowl2.png
SR-icon-misc-Bowl3.png SR-icon-misc-Bowl4.png
SR-icon-misc-Bowl5.png SR-icon-misc-Bowl6.png
0.5 5
SR-icon-misc-Candlestick1.png SR-icon-misc-Candlestick2.png
1 25
Cast Iron Pot
SR-icon-misc-Cup1.png SR-icon-misc-Cup2.png Cup
0.5 5
SR-icon-misc-Flagon.png Flagon
0.5 1
SR-icon-misc-Fork.png Fork
0.5 3
Glazed Candles
1 5 Provides a permanent light source when placed in the world.
Can be looted from the random thief chased and killed by the guards in Riften.
Glazed Urn
4 5
SR-icon-misc-Goblet1.png SR-icon-misc-Goblet2.png

SR-icon-misc-Goblet3.png SR-icon-misc-Goblet4.png
0.5 5
SR-icon-misc-Jug1.png SR-icon-misc-Jug2.png

SR-icon-misc-Jug3.png SR-icon-misc-Jug4.png

SR-icon-misc-Jug5.png SR-icon-misc-Jug6.png
SR-icon-misc-Kettle.png Kettle
2 4
SR-icon-misc-Knife.png Knife
0.5 6
SR-icon-misc-Plate1.png SR-icon-misc-Plate2.png
SR-icon-misc-Plate3.png SR-icon-misc-Plate4.png
0.5 5
SR-icon-misc-Platter.png Platter
0.5 5
SR-icon-misc-SilverCandlestick.png Silver Candlestick
1 75 Found in Pinewatch.
SR-icon-misc-Silver Goblet xx011db2.png SR-icon-misc-Silver Goblet xx011db3.png Silver GobletDG
1 15 Bloodied versions can be found at Castle VolkiharDG
SR-icon-misc-Silver Jug.png Silver JugDG
2 30
SR-icon-misc-Spoon.png Spoon
0.5 6
SR-icon-misc-Tankard.png Tankard
0.5 1
SR-icon-misc-WoodenBowl.png Wooden Bowl
0.5 1
SR-icon-misc-WoodenLadle.png Wooden Ladle
0.5 1
SR-icon-misc-WoodenPlate.png Wooden Plate
0.5 1


  • You may never find Glazed Candles in the game world, despite them supposing to exist as an obtainable item. ?
  • The Glazed Urn may not show up in the game world like it is apparently supposed to. ?

Dwemer Dishes[edit]

Name (ID) Weight Value
Dwemer Bowl
2 20
Dwemer Cup
0.5 6
SR-icon-misc-DwemerDish.png Dwemer Dish
0.5 8
Dwemer Pan
(00027f03), (00027f12)
SR-icon-misc-DwemerPlate.png Dwemer Plate
1 8

Musical Instruments[edit]

Name (ID) Weight Value
SR-icon-misc-Drum.png Drum
4 10
SR-icon-misc-Flute.png Flute
2 25
SR-icon-misc-Lute.png Lute
4 25

Other Clutter[edit]

Name (ID) Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-misc-Basket 00012fe7.pngSR-icon-misc-Basket 00012fe8.png
SR-icon-misc-Basket 00012fe9.pngSR-icon-misc-Basket 00012fea.png
SR-icon-misc-Basket 00012feb.pngSR-icon-misc-Basket 0009baf8.png
SR-icon-misc-Basket 000abd30.pngSR-icon-misc-Basket 00012fec.png
0.5 1   1
1   1
1   1
2   1
SR-icon-misc-Bellows.png Bellows
1 1
SR-icon-misc-BloodyRags.png Bloody Rags
1 1 Found in military camps, coffins, & Castle VolkiharDG
0.5 1
SR-icon-misc-BurnedBook.png Burned Book
2 0
SR-icon-misc-Clothes Iron.png Clothes Iron
3 7
SR-icon-misc-StatueOfDibella.png Dibella Statue
2 100
SR-icon-potion-Skooma.png Empty Skooma Bottle
0.5 0 7 of these can be found in J'zhar's Pack, next to J'zhar's corpse in Alftand. 1 can be found along with a full bottle in a rock formation cavity directly West of the nirnroot near the Solitude Lighthouse. (not to be confused with the nearby nirnroot by the broken dock)
SR-icon-misc-Basket 0009baf8.png Flower Basket
1 5 May be purchased from SofieHF, provided the player has not yet adopted her.
SR-icon-misc-Flag1.png Flag
4 0 With Hearthfire installed, you can obtain one in the children's room of Proudspire Manor, stuck in the map of Skyrim. They have no Havok physics and will float in midair if dropped.
SR-icon-misc-Hammer.png Hammer
3 1
SR-icon-misc-Inkwell.png Inkwell
0.3 1
SR-icon-misc-Lantern.png Lantern
2 1
SR-icon-misc-Pitchfork 000f5d07.png
SR-icon-misc-Pitchfork 000f5d08.png
4 1
3 5
SR-icon-misc-Quill.png Quill
0.5 1
SR-icon-misc-Roasted Ox Head.png Roasted Ox Head
1 3 Found in the Hall of Valor in Sovngarde. Despite its appearance, it cannot be used as food.
SR-icon-misc-Roasted Ox Leg.png Roasted Ox Leg
1 1

4 3
SR-icon-misc-Saw.png Saw
2 3
SR-icon-misc-Spigot.png Spigot
2 1
SR-icon-misc-Tongs.png Tongs
1 1
SR-icon-misc-Torture Tool.png Torture ToolDG
1 2
SR-icon-misc-Torture Tools.png Torture Tools
2 15