Skyrim:Gadba gro-Largash

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Gadba gro-Largash
(RefID: 0001B09B)
Stronghold Narzulbur
Location Gloombound Mine
Race Orc Gender Male
Level 6 Class Warrior
RefID 0001B09B BaseID 0001B09A
Other Information
Health 108 Magicka 50
Stamina 117
Primary Skills Heavy Armor, One-handed
Class Details CombatWarrior1H
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Voice Type MaleOrc
Faction(s) Blood-Kin of the Orcs; GuardFaction; TownNarzulburFaction; Tribal Orcs
Gadba gro-Largash

Gadba gro-Largash is an Orc warrior found working in Narzulbur's Gloombound Mine. He stays inside the mine all the time, never eating or sleeping, though he occasionally sits for a break. He is originally from the Largashbur Orc Stronghold, but he left there the same time his brother Mul did.

Gadba wears a pair of ragged trousers along with a pair of boots. He carries a pickaxe along with a leveled war axe, which can be up to Orcish in quality.


"Mul is the smart one. I go where he tells me."
"Mining is tough, but Mul says the money is good so we mine."
"When we go back to Largashbur we'll be kings. I like Narzulbur, but don't tell Mul."


He can be overheard conversing with his brother:

Mul: "How much longer do we have to work this backwoods mine?"
Gadba: "A bit longer, yet. We need more money if we want to be chiefs of our own."
Mul: "But I thought there was only one chief."
Gadba: "Well, right. One of us will be a chief."
Mul: "What about the other one?"
Gadba: "Which other one?"
Mul: "The other chief!"
Gadba: "There's only one chief!"

Mul: "I found a big load of ebony at the bottom pocket in the mine."
Gadba: "Did you mark it?"
Mul: "No, I don't need to mark it. I remember it."
Gadba: "So where is it?"
Mul: "You can tell it because it has lots of ebony."

Mul: "Do you ever get a weird feeling about those sisters?"
Gadba: "Who has a sister?"
Mul: "Mauhulakh's aunts. You know... the way they're all around him all the time."
Gadba: "That's just how it is with families. When we're chiefs, you'll see how it is."
Mul: "Can we both be chiefs?"
Gadba: "Not today, we can't."

Gadba: "Sometimes I think your head is made of rocks."
Mul: "That would be good! I could use it to smash other rocks. Easier to mine, then."
Gadba: "Oh, good point. I wish my head were made of rocks."

Dushnamub may tell Chief Mauhulakh about the brothers:

Dushnamub: "Father, I'm worried about Gadba and Mul."
Mahulakh: "What about them?"
Dushnamub: "You don't worry about two Orc men coming into your stronghold? That they might challenge you?"
Mahulakh: "They're miners. Harmless."
Dushnamub: "I've just learned not to trust luck around here."