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This article is about the spell. For the perk, see Dragonskin (perk). For the similarly named spell, see Dragonhide.

Greater Power
Type Defensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Voice
Spell ID 000aa022 Editor ID PowerBretonAbsorbSpell
Duration 60 sec Range 0
Magnitude 50 Area 0
Absorb 50% of the magicka from hostile spells for 60 seconds.

Dragonskin is a greater power possessed by all Bretons. The power actually gives a 50% chance to fully block a hostile spell, and gaining magicka equal to the base cost of the spell, the same as any other method of spell absorption.


  • Without the Dragonborn add-on, only a Breton can gain temporary 100% spell absorption without resorting to minor exploitation of how Standing Stone powers are implemented, specifically the Atronach Stone.
  • Dragonskin will not absorb magicka from spells deflected by wards.
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