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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Flame Atronachs, Dremora, Daedric Horse
Console Location Code(s)
ccBGSSSE067DeadlandsArena01, ccBGSSSE067DeadlandsArena02, ccBGSSSE067DeadlandsEntrance, ccBGSSSE067DeadlandsOrigin, ccBGSSSE067DeadlandsSigilAltar
Ore Veins
# of Ebony 3
The Deadlands

The Deadlands are a plane of Oblivion belonging to Mehrunes Dagon. This area of the Deadlands is visited during the quest The Consequences via the Oblivion Gate within Red Scar Cavern.

The Dremora Valkyn Gatanas and Valkyn Methats must be defeated here. Additional leveled Dremora warriors and mages will also be present. Other than these enemies and a few flame atronachs, most of the danger comes from the environment itself: lava, aggressive Harrada roots, and poisonous Spiddal Sticks are abundant. The more harmless Bloodgrass can also be found here.

Items can be found in two types of containers, Fleshy Pods and The Punished. The Punished are containers resembling a still-beating heart. Both types of containers yield enchanted weapons, gold, jewelry, enchanted clothing, rare ores, ingots, and sometimes spell tomes. There are 15 Fleshy Pods and 8 The Punished totalling for 23 loot containers in a relatively small area, making the Deadlands potentially quite profitable indeed.


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  • The Oblivion Gate will remain open following the conclusion of the quest, allowing you to return to the Deadlands at any point. The generic enemies, loot, and ingredients all respawn.
  • With Survival ModeCC active, you will not suffer from the effects of Hunger or Fatigue while in the Deadlands. This is indicated in-game by the following message: "You cannot feel hunger or fatigue in this cursed place."[verification needed — untested]
  • In total there seem to be 32 Harrada roots, 33 Spiddal Sticks and 40 Bloodgrass patches to be harvested upon each visit.
  • The Deadlands make for a great source of Daedra Hearts without using vendor exploits, upon the first visit there'll be 9 Dremora enemies.
  • One Ebony Ore vein is far down the right-hand path where the road from the gate forks. From the pillars and throne, turn left and follow the path to its end; the vein is beneath some dead trees on the left. A leveled Dremora and two Flame Atronachs guard the location.
  • Another ebony vein is near the cave entrance. Turn right immediately after exiting the cave and follow the cliff side, you will find 2 lootable Fleshy Pods (one standing and one hanging) right next to each other. A little past these pods are some dead shrubs and a dead tree, you'll find that there's somewhat of a jaggedy path there that leads up the hill. Follow the path up, you'll have to make a few small jumps over some of the rocks and shortly after you'll find another group of dead shrubs. Behind those shrubs is the vein.
  • A third ebony vein can be found after crossing the second bridge and heading directly left. The vein is surrounded by shrubs.
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