Skyrim:Conjure Storm Atronach

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SR-icon-spell-Summon.png Conjure Storm Atronach
School Conjuration Difficulty Expert
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Target Location Equip Either Hand
Spell ID 000204c5 Editor ID ConjureStormAtronach
Base Cost 322 Charge Time 0.5
Duration 60 sec Range 24 ft
Tome ID 000a26f0 Tome Value 690
Appears in random loot at level 35+
Purchase from (Conjuration lvl 65+)
Storm Atronach
Summons a Storm Atronach for 60 seconds wherever the caster is pointing.

Conjure Storm Atronach is an expert level Conjuration spell that summons a Storm Atronach to aid you in combat.




  • Summoner, increase range to 48 ft at first rank or 72 ft at second rank.
  • Atromancy, extends duration to 120 secs.
  • Elemental Potency, summons the more powerful Potent Storm Atronach.


  • The stats of the Storm Atronachs summoned are:
Creature (ID) Lvl Carries Health Magicka Sta. Abilities Attacks Soul
Storm Atronach
30 Void Salts 241 197 147
  • Storm Cloak 10 pts (Opponents in melee range take 10 points shock damage and magicka damage per second.)
  • Lightning Bolt spell (A bolt of lightning that does 30 points of shock damage to Health and half that to Magicka.)
  • Chain Lightning spell (Lightning bolt that does 40 points of shock damage to Health and half to Magicka, then leaps to a new target.)
Potent Storm Atronach
35 383 238 114