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Skyrim:Conjure Ayleid Lich

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SR-icon-spell-Summon.png Conjure Ayleid Lich
School Conjuration Difficulty Expert
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Target Location Equip Either Hand
Spell ID xx147D95 Editor ID ccBGSSSE067_ConjureAyleidLichSpell
Base Cost 358 Charge Time 0.5
Duration 60 Range 24 ft
Tome ID xx147D93 Tome Value 720
Appears in random loot at level 35+
Ayleid Lich
Summons an Ayleid Lich for 60 seconds.

Conjure Ayleid Lich is an expert level Conjuration spell added by The Cause Creation. The spell book can be crafted at the Atronach Forge with a Great Welkynd Stone, a Ruined Book and a Salt Pile.



  • Summoner, increase range to 48 ft at first rank or 72 ft at second rank.
  • Atromancy, increases duration to 120 secs.
  • Twin Souls, lets you have two Ayleid Liches summoned at the same time.


  • Conjure Ayleid Lich is unaffected by Spell Absorption.
  • Upon death, the Lich may leave behind an unlootable ash pile.
  • This Spell Tome cannot be crafted until The Consequences is completed, as the Great Welkynd Stone remains an unremovable quest item until then.
  • This Spell Tome does not require the Sigil Stone to craft.
  • Conjured Ayleid Liches are in turn able to use Conjuration spells of their own, and can raise high-level undead to fight for you such as Draugr Deathlords.


  • The unlootable ash pile left behind has a chance to not dissapear after a few days and will remain there forever.
Creature (ID) Lvl Health Magicka Sta. Abilities Attacks Perks
Ayleid Lich (xx147D97) 50 1490 545 0