Skyrim:Azura's Star Interior

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Azura's Star Interior
# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 6
Malyn Varen
Console Location Code(s)
Azura's Star Realm

Azura's Star Interior is a small alternate dimension within Azura's Star containing Malyn Varen and any Dremora that he summons.

The interior is brightly lit and made up of bluish crystalline structures, with shards like ice sticking up at an angle and down from above. The floor is made of this same material, forming many hexagonal segments at different heights.

Related Quests[edit]

Azura's Star Interior[edit]

You are transported here either by Aranea Ienith or Nelacar, depending on your choices during The Black Star quest. They both transport you to the same place; it makes no difference to what is found here. When you speak to them and say that you're ready, they will trap your soul and transport you here in order to defeat Malyn Varen to cleanse Azura's Star and, in the case of Nelacar, sever the link to Azura.

When you enter, Malyn will engage you in conversation. He will mistakenly think his disciples have sent him a fresh soul. He will then realize that you are different. Regardless of your response, he will claim to have conquered mortality and run off, saying he's sacrificed too much. You will follow him down a narrow path that spirals slowly around and down to a roughly circular area with a central collection of larger shards sticking up. There are a total of three leveled dremora in addition to Malyn for you to face. Once Malyn is defeated, either Azura or Nelacar will speak to you and pull you out. If you wish to collect any daedra hearts or loot they carry, you should leave Malyn for last. As they all attack using magic, some form of defense is recommended. It is possible to have all three elements being shot at you at the same time. When you return, you will be where you started. Apart from Malyn and the Dremora, there doesn't seem to be anything of interest within the star.


  • If you manage to raise Dremora Kynval (may also apply to other two Dremora) and bring it outside then it will never disintegrate after the spell effect ends so it can be raised indefinitely. [verification needed — needs confirming.]
  • Followers are unable to accompany you inside the star.
  • You are unable to return here once Malyn is defeated.


Azura's Star Interior Map