Skyrim:Arondil's Journal, Part 2

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Book Information
ID 00080D64
Up Arondil's Journal
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Value 5 Weight 1
Needed for Toying With The Dead
Found in the following locations:
Arondil's Journal, Part 2
Arondils's account of his necromancy experimentations.

Arondil's Journal

Day 8
I have established a temporary work station in the cold caves, and have found multiple burial chambers within the snow and ice. While in the first chamber, I exhumed a few 'test subjects,' all female. I was stunned to find my mind wandering again to the women of Dawnstar as I examine my find. At first, I was slightly disturbed by my thoughts, but later I found myself reevaluating...

Day 9
The first trials went splendidly. Each subject was reanimated in a state of total complacency, bending to my every task and whim. I have ordered a few of my new servants to guard the island, while the rest will act as my personal entourage, standing by me at all times. Standing watch over me while I sleep...