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Help an Orc on behalf of a special tree.
Quest Giver: Witch Tree at Ghast's Pass
Location(s): Ghast's Pass
Next Quest: Witch Tree 2
Reward: 600 Experience, either the Dead to Dust spell or a Steel Crossbow
The Witch Tree

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to the Witch Tree.
  2. Kill two zombies harassing an elderly Orc.
  3. Return to the tree.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Talking Tree[edit]

The Witch Tree lies close to the north of Ghast's Pass, slightly east of center. If you talk to the tree it will ask you if you "struggle with shadow". If you reply "so it seems", it will give you the cryptic message that "there is an orc, perhaps less than he once was, yet more than he seems" and that he is struggling with "unlife" to the east.

Two Zombies and an Orc[edit]

Head east and you will find two desiccated zombies attacking an Orc called Olpac Trailslag, who will ask you for help. Kill the two zombies and Olpac will give you a quest of his own.

Back to the Tree[edit]

Return to the Witch Tree for a choice of reward: the spell Dead To Dust - deadly against undead - or a Steel Crossbow.