Shadowkey:Tanyin Aldwyr

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Tanyin Aldwyr
Location Azra's Crossing
Dragonstar East
Race Redguard Gender Female
Other Information
Tanyin Aldwyr outside Earthtear Caverns

Tanyin Aldwyr is a Redguard knight whose sympathies lie with Skyrim. She is first encountered in Azra's Crossing just outside the entrance to Earthtear Caverns, where she is waiting for a colleague. She then moves to Snowline where she first wants you to eliminate the goblin threat and then to determine the level of Imperial support being given to Lakvan. Lastly, she moves to Dragonstar East, where she wants you to infiltrate the Mages' Guild and then break a prisoner out of jail.

She holds one of the eleven Shadowkeys, and one of the seven Star Teeth.

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