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Promotional image of multiplayer

Shadowkey's multiplayer mode allows for up to four-player co-op via Bluetooth. Using the "Host Game" option from the main menu, one player must act as the host. The other player may then join the game using a Bluetooth connection. To join a multiplayer session, you must use a character from a singleplayer save file. They can then explore the host's world and help out with combat in dungeons. The host has the ability to terminate the game at any time. Both players have the power to pause the game. The game depends on the shared internal memory of the connected N-Gage devices; if they both run out of space, the game will be ended.

When a player dies in multiplayer, they will be kicked from the game with the message: "Your death in the shadow realm severs your bond with the magic that allows you to share worlds. You are back on your own." Multiplayer is not splitscreen, so players can only see from their own perspective. Players can see their friends' character models in multiplayer, which is noteworthy as they remain unseen during singleplayer because of the game's first-person perspective. Any gold, items or XP you earn in multiplayer will still be present when you return to your singleplayer game. Most quest items (such as Shadowkeys) will only be obtained by the host player. Players may explore freely within an area, but must travel together to new areas. If you enter a new area, all other players will automatically join you.