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The entrance to Loth' Na Caverns
The Fortifying Crystal
The Shadow Orb

The Loth' Na Caverns are a network of naturally-carved platforms located to the southwest of Dragonfields and can only be accessed from there. They used to be the destination for pilgrims coming to seek answers from the "divine crystal", but the forces of Skyrim have taken over the caverns and corrupted the crystal for their own purposes. They used the power of the crystal to strengthen themselves and kill the last pilgrims to visit it.

Skyrim's forces are led by General Duvais, and many Nord enemies can be found throughout the area along with Floaters, Wights and Spirits.

In the southeast lies a chest containing a "Loth' Na Stone". If activated, the stone slits your skin and slips underneath, taking five points from your maximum health but boosting your Strength and Agility each by 10 points.

Behind the shadow gate lies an Orb. When you activate it, "the orb glows with a light far more intense than that from the lava below" and "beyond you see a shadow". You can either reach out and grab the shadows or leave them alone. If you choose the former they coalesce into the Shadow Stabber, a fairly powerful sword. Leaving them alone causes a very different reaction:

The shadows eventually flow across the ground to join with your own. Your feel a consciousness fade as it merges its lifeforce with yours. The shadow's energy invigorates, energizes you in a permanent way. Your Personality and Intelligence each increase by 5. Your maximum Health increases by 20, and your Luck increases by 15. Curled in your mind the shadow form is content, almost purring.

In other words, it is possible to leave this area with a total bonus of +15 health, +15 luck, +10 strength, +10 agility, +5 personality and +5 intelligence.

General Duvais

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Map of Loth' Na Caverns
  1. Exit to Dragonfields
  2. The Pilgrim Ghost
  3. Fortifying Crystal
  4. Pilgrim's Ring
  5. Shadow Gate
  6. General Duvais
  7. Pilgrims' Bones
  8. Chest containing the Loth' Na Stone