Redguard:Shrines of Kynareth

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Using a shrine

There are six shrines of Kynareth on the island of Stros M'Kai, which provide a fast method of transportation around the island. Sailors supposedly come to these shrines to worship the goddess of the air, Kynareth. You can try to offer the goddess many different items, but only a canah feather will be accepted; you can buy them for 10 gold each at Gerrick's Goods. When you offer a feather, Kynareth turns you into a canah and flies you to the wayshrine closest to the direction you are facing.

The tick marks on the shrine base are supposed to indicate which shrines are connected to it, but they are often wrong, so it is better to refer to the map below and use the compass to face the right direction.


  • These are only called shrines of Kynareth in The Redguard Companion. There is no mention of the goddess anywhere in the game.



Shrine 1 Shrine 2 Shrine 3 Shrine 4 Shrine 5 Shrine 6RG-map-Shrines of Kynareth.png
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