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Realm of Clavicus Vile

The realm of Clavicus Vile is a plane of Oblivion ruled by the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile. His realm features a vibrant green landscape with large round trees, a stream running through the middle, and a stone bridge that crosses the stream. There is a house with a tall roof across the bridge from where you start, but it remains locked. Vile sits on a tree stump nearby with his dog.

You enter the realm from N'Gasta's Tower during the quest Rescue Iszara. To open the portal, you must drip these mixtures of ingredients and potions onto the symbol in N'Gasta's chambers: amber and Orc's blood, unicorn's horn and hist sap, and Daedra's heart and ectoplasm. If you decide to explore the realm, Vile will say something once in a while:

"Oh. Yoo-hoo. Over here. I'm over here, Cyrus."
"Don't bother poking about, Cyrus. We're not on a treasure hunt here."
"Disappointed? Haven't found any souls left lying about?"
"Let me know if you find something interesting, Cyrus."
"Feel free to look around, Cyrus. No hurry. Take your time."

Indeed, there is nothing to find; the only thing to do here is to talk to Vile and solve his riddle. When the game begins, two doors marked with the Daedric letter O appear. A guardian stands beside each. If you ask them the right question and choose the correct door, Vile will teleport you back to the tower, though the cutscene that plays after leaves you on the Saintsport docks at daytime.

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  • The realm is actually a floating island. If you fall off the side, you will die.