Redguard:J'ffer's Books

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J'ffer's Books
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J'ffer's Books is a bookstore in Stros M'Kai, just north of the Cartographer's and southeast of Rollo's house. It has two entrances, one in the north and the other in the west. Through either door, you must climb some stairs to reach the store level. The owner, J'ffer, sits behind the counter reading a book.

Each of the bookcases can be examined to read any of the five books J'ffer sells before buying them. In order from the north side to the west, they are Dwarven Lore, Elven Artifacts v.III, Flora of Hammerfell, Redguard Heroes, and Ffoulke's Firmament. Notably, you can start the quest A Legendary Flask by reading the elven book; however, you still need to buy it to give to Maiko later, assuming you want to complete all objectives.

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  • The bookstore's sign misspells J'ffer's name as "J'Ferr".