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As usual, there are always a large number of requests for hints and spoilers on lots of topics.

Please Note
Many of these hints are based on the personal playing preferences of a wide variety of people and are included only as helpful suggestions. You might also want to check out the Redguard Cheats page which may contain those hints which are closer to cheating.

The Old Quarter[edit]

Early in the game you should be confronted with a large closed gate in town. You will soon find out that this is the Old Quarter of the city which was closed off and destroyed by Lord Richton's men and his dragon in an attempt to crush the Restless League and any remaining crowns. Later in the game you gain access via the jail exit, but there is actually another way you can reach it at any time (put on your running shoes though).

Jumping into the Old Quarter

Face the closed gate and follow the wall around to the right. You should soon come to a drop-off into the water. If you look carefully, you will see a very narrow ledge close to the wall. You actually can't use this to walk on it. Look a little beyond to the start of the wall and you'll see where the drop-off isn't so steep. It is possible to run and jump to this spot from which you can easily walk to inside the Old Quarter. At any rate, it's very possible to succeed on the first try. There are several gold sacks and some health potions lying around, perhaps a good target when you first start the game. The image to the right shows the approximate path you want to take and where you would wish to jump to.

As for getting out of the Old Quarter, the only route known is via the water (the closest scalable shore is to the south).

Island Teleporters[edit]

You may have noticed in your travels several round pads with a symbol of a bird on them. These form a network of teleporters which you can use to speed up your travel around the island. To use them you'll need to buy the Canah Feathers from Gerrick at his store for 10 gold apiece. Once you start accumulating wealth, this is a trivial cost and you should have plenty to spare for a good feather supply. You are teleported to the location which you are pointing at (or the closest one). If you look carefully there are notches on each one supposedly indicating the valid directions to the destinations. These indications are not always accurate. There are 6 teleporters scattered throughout the island and the approximate directions to be taken to the other locations are as follows:

The main town teleporter is near Avik, the snake charmer, roughly northeast from the docks.
  • E: Dragon Door
  • SW: Dwarven Ruins
  • S: Saintsport
  • W: Ogre Mountains
  • N to NW: Devils Den
This one is right in the middle of this abandoned town.
  • W to SE: Dwarven Ruins
  • NW: Ogre Mountains
  • N: Town
Dragon Door
There is another teleporter in the far northeast of the island beside a large door, most likely used by Lord Richton's dragon.
  • NE: Devils Den
  • SW: Town
Ogre Mountains
Another teleporter can be found in these mountains southwest of town and just northeast below the Dwarven bridges.
  • W: Dwarven Ruins
  • NW to S: Devils Den
  • E: Town
  • SW: Saintsport
Devils Den
Found to the northwest of town southeast or so of the start of the docks to the Isle of N'Gasta.
  • W: Ogre Mountains
  • SE: Town
  • E: Dragon Door
Dwarven Ruins
In the mountains just southeast of the bridges and east of the path to the Dwarven ruins.
  • E: Saintsport
  • W to SW:Ogre Mountains
  • NE: Town

It is sometimes tricky to get the right direction. Just stand in the center of the teleporter pad and try to face the direction exactly, ignoring any of the markings on the pad itself. Some of the marks on some of the teleporters are correct but many are slightly or grossly off.

Secret Island[edit]

Near the Isle of N'Gasta (where you go to to kill the necromancer) there's an easy-to-miss island. No sharks will attack you if you fall in, and if you try to swim for shore, there is an island and a bridge not connected to the main section, just south of the main bridge. It's easier to reach from out of the water. On it are several potions and gold sacks). Unfortunately to get to it requires quite a swim. A particular area of water surrounding the island contains no sharks. Instead of heading straight for the island, go around the backside of it. Once on the island you'll have to swim back to shore, avoiding any of the shark infested waters again.


Although it may not seem like it at first in the game, there are many ways of healing Cyrus, with a wide range of associated costs. Here are the methods that have been found so far:

Health Potions
Health potions heal 15 health and cost 25 gold each at the mages guild. Additionally, lots can be found throughout your adventures (mostly in the various dungeons). Using the 'H' key makes you consume one of these potions.
Nidal at the Temple
Brother Nidal at the temple of Arkay can heal you to 100 health for only 25 gold. Use this as opposed to health potions whenever you are in town to save some cash. Note that after you get Kithral's diary and show it to Brother Nidal, he'll heal you for free (guess he doesn't mind picking up the tab).
Glass Bottle
Once you find the glass bottle in the destroyed hut southwest of town you can get very cheap heals. The first is absolutely free, merely fill up the bottle with pure water at the well in town. There are 20 uses held in the bottle healing 5 points each. Use this only if you have very little cash. You can increase the amount healed by purchasing Aloe from Gerrick at the general store. Mix the aloe in the water bucket and fill the bottle. This time each of the 20 uses heals 15 points, just as a health potion. The Aloe costs 15 for 3 sticks, or 5 gold each. Each Aloe stick creates 20 healing potions making the overall cost only 0.25 gold per heal, the best healing source you can find in the game. Note that pressing the 'H' key uses the potion in the glass bottle before any health potions.
When you visit the Restless League's hideout you can obtain two bandages. Each heals 30 health once when used.
Arkay's Fertility Statue
The red statue northwest of Saintsport can also heal you. Approach the figure from the front and climb onto the base so you're facing his stomach. If you offer a gold piece you will be healed 10 points. A good price if you are in the area and need healing.
Confronting Richton
This really isn't a method since it only happens once. After you deliver the amulet and confront Lord Richton you will be thrown into a cell in the catacombs. When this happens you are automatically healed to 100 health, so don't bother wasting health potions during the previous fight unless absolutely required.

Fighting Tips[edit]

Sword-fighting can be very tough in Redguard, even against weak foes. Here are a few tips that may help you.

This is really the key thing in any fight. The game is not a shoot-em-up action game where you need quick reflexes to service. Rather, a good wit and a little strategy go much further.
Your first stop when you start the game should be the Draggin Tale Inn. After you talk to your friend Tobias and the barkeep Dreekius, the chaps sitting at the table drinking can be easily convinced into a fight. You lose no health while fighting them and it is good experience combating multiple opponents. Please note that these lads are quite drunk and are about the worst fighters in Stros M'Kai.
This is actually one of the more difficult aspects. Unless you are lined up exactly with your opponent you will not hit him, and if you are too much out of line you cannot defend yourself either (unfortunately your opponents never seem to have a problem aiming for you). The easiest way is to line up your right foot to point towards, if not slightly to the right, of your opponent. This is not so hard with one opponent but when you are fighting several in a small space it can get quite busy. If you swing and don't hit anything, try rotating just a bit and try again.
Your opponent is more likely to hit you if they are closer to you. Try to maintain a pace or so distance, enough to retreat quickly but still allowing you to hit them. This is especially difficult in tight spaces. Note that you can make your opponent retreat slowly by pushing them.
An interesting move is attacking while jumping. If you can get the timing right you kill some foes without them being able to attack. The maneuver goes something like: Defend Off-Jump-Attack-Defend On. This works best when you are downhill from your opponent, otherwise you'll have to attack later on during the jump. If you are hit before or while you start jumping your attack will always miss. You will have to adjust your attack time when in the air. While fighting on level ground you should attack at the top of a jump. As long as your opponent does not attack you on the way up or before you attack him, it appears that he cannot hit you.
Facing Your Opponent
This sounds simple enough but can be tricky when fighting multiple opponents. They will usually sound off whenever they switch but people may attack you from behind without much warning. It might take a few fights to get to know where to face to most effectively hit and defend.
This lifesaver will make Cyrus perfectly defend any incoming attacks if you aren't doing anything else at the time (although you may move around). It is recommended for you to use this at least for a while when starting the game. Once your fighting skills increase you can turn this off (using F7) and show how truly skilled you are.
The single slash is one of your basic moves. It is quick, which minimizes the amount of time you're not defending but is short range.
This move (Forward+Attack) is one of the better attacks mostly due to its speed and range. If you miss you can quickly go back on the defense and it reaches farther than a slash.
This has a further range than the thrust but it is harder to pull off on the keyboard. Also, if you miss you are more vulnerable to an attack.
If you hold the SHIFT key down with your sword out, you will run instead of walk. This is useful for putting a little distance between you and your opponent to quaff a few heals or to get in a more defensive position.
When holding the SHIFT key, press left or right to sidestep around your opponent. Doing so just before he strikes will cause him to miss, allowing you to quickly make an easy attack at his undefended side.

Finding Gold[edit]

Your survival in Stros M'Kai depends primarily on your health, your health on your supply of healing potions, and those potions on your spare gold. Further, gold can buy lots of other useful things, some of them required at one time or another. Please note that you can carry at most 500 gold. Here are a few places to find some extra cash:

  • Guards and other monsters generally carry some gold, if your sword skill is up to getting it.
  • Kotaro, the bald man sitting on the docks, can give you a job paying 100 before, and 200 after you deliver an amulet from N'Gasta to Richton. If you have more than 300 gold you will lose some due to the 500 gold limit. You can collect the gold anytime until you defeat N'Gasta later on, making it a great safety resource in case your supply runs low.
  • In the lower harbor tower (near the docks with stairs leading to a 2nd story door), a chest in the bottom floor contains some gold.
  • In the town of Saintsport at the south end of the island is a house with some gold and potions lying around. There is also some gold lying outside in the town. Watch out for the crazy person here who will attack you.
  • South, down the shore from Saintsport is a shipwreck with some gold... and another crazy person to attack you.
  • North from the shipwreck is a skeleton of a large creature with some gold lying around.
  • North and slightly west from the bridge over the waterfall is a small cave with gold and yet another madman.
  • Supposedly if you also rhyme when you talk to the parrot you will find the location of 300 gold in buried treasure. This may be a one time offer since once you talk to the parrot you can't find anything out afterwards.